3 Indoor Care Requirements For Bird Of Paradise Plant

bird of paradise plant indoor care
bird of paradise plant indoor care

Starting with easier to manage plants is one of the best things you can do if you’ve just picked up gardening as a hobby. It can take a while to get used to the different plant care requirements if you don’t’ have any previous experience. So, starting slow helps gardeners sustain the growth of their plants in the long run.

There have recently been many queries about the bird of paradise plant and its indoor care requirements. If you’re also trying to grow this plant inside your home, then the following care requirements should help you keep Bird of Paradise in good health.

Bird Of Paradise Plant Indoor Care

1. Manage Sunlight

The best way to manage these plants indoors is to keep them beside a sunny window. That way, these plants get a sufficient amount of indirect sunlight without any wilting issues. Ideally, the bird of paradise plant prefers extended sunlight exposure. However, your local environmental conditions play a huge role in determining the amount of sunlight that should be given to the plant.

If you live in a hotter region, then usually limiting the sunlight exposure is a better option. On the other hand, if the environmental conditions are not extreme, then there is no need to limit sunlight exposure to such an extent. Aside from that, you should also inspect the leaves of the Bird of paradise plant to determine how to manage its health better. If there are any signs of wilting or yellowing, then it is probably a good idea to increase the sunlight exposure.

2. Use Fertilizer

Depending upon the current season cycle, adding fertilizer to the plant is one of the best things you can do. Usually, you will need to wait for summer and spring cycles to add fertilizer to the conditioner. This is because in the winter season, the plant becomes dormant, and adding fertilizer can cause the plant leaves to burn out and die.

So, it is a good option to wait for summer and only use the minimal amount of fertilizer that would match the care requirements of the bird of paradise plant. Make sure to dilute the fertilizer before adding it to the mixture and avoid the use of stronger fertilizers.

3. Maintain Potting Mixture

Choosing a good potting mixture can be the determining factor in the long-term growth of your plant. According to many experts, sticking with well-draining soil that remains moist throughout the day is a good option. So, make sure to inform the professionals about these requirements, and they will recommend the perfect potting mix for your bird of paradise plant.

With that said, you have to always use a container with drainage holes. This type of container can help you avoid root rot and further extend the life of your plant. If there are no holes in the container, then you can create some holes yourself with sharp gardening tools. Hopefully, this information will make it easier for you to manage the growth of your bird of paradise plant indoors.

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