3 Reasons Behind Ants Not Attracted To Terro

Ants Not Attracted To Terro
Ants Not Attracted To Terro

The most common insect found in literally every single place is ants. These insects are so involved in daily life that people usually ignore them. Ants can be spotted anywhere, in the house or outside but a small number of these insects are not so much of a threat, so people tend to ignore them and continue with their daily life. The real problem is when a colony of ants is present. More and more ants will start to join the colony and only then will measure will be taken to remove these insects.

They can get quite annoying if start to gather in the house, usually in the kitchen. Their sting can also cause allergic reactions, not as big as other insects but can be very irritating. Now that you understand this, the product Terro ant bait is often used to get rid of these insects in case of an infestation. While this product works amazingly there are also some problems that you can run into when using it. Recently, people have reported that ants are not getting attracted to Terro. If you are having the same issue, then going through this article should help you in finding some reasons behind it.

Why Are Ants Not Attracted To Terro?

  1. Ants Take Some Time To Die After Consuming Terro

The way Terro ant bait works is that you spray the product in a spot where the ant infestation is. The insects will then get attracted to the chemicals because of their unique fragrance. The ants will then start eating the bait as this is their natural response.

You should note that as a result all of these ants will die, clearing out the infestation in your house. Now the main complaint people have is that the ants in their house are not getting attracted to Terro ant bait. The main reason behind this problem can be that they might have already consumed the product.

If this happens then the ant will continue to move like it is healthy. Some of these might slow down but, in most cases, it can be difficult to tell if the ant has consumed this product or not. The only thing that you can do is wait for a few days. This is because ants that have consumed Terro will continue to die within 24 to 48 hours.

  1. The Ants Might Be Building Tolerance To Terro

If you have been using Terro for a long time, then you should note that this is not recommended. The main reason behind this is that even insects like ants are living creatures that roam around the world. These can consume different types of chemicals and die from them. However, the ants can also start to build tolerance towards the chemicals which as a result might make them immune to them.

Now that you understand this, people who have been using Terro for a long time should understand that the ants in their house might have built a tolerance to this product. If this is true, then the ants will stay healthy even after they have consumed the chemicals. The only way to kill them then is by using another chemical that uses different ingredients.

  1. You Might Be Using The Product Incorrectly

Finally, one more reason behind your problem can be that you are not using Terro ant bait properly. When it comes to this, people need to understand that some steps have to be followed. These are usually provided along the product in a small manual so that you don’t run into issues like these. However, if you have lost the manual then you can download a copy of it online.

The official website for Terro should have this available along with tons of guides that can be used to help you out. Ensuring that you follow the instructions carefully is important as it helps people in getting rid of the infestations. If you still have any questions in mind regarding the product or your problem is still there, then you can contact the support team for Terro.

Some users have also reported getting faulty products from the brand which can be quite annoying. Luckily, if you notify the support team about this then they can look into the problem and provide you with a free replacement.

3 thoughts on “3 Reasons Behind Ants Not Attracted To Terro”

  1. I have had great success using terro in the past with ghost ants. The ants now seem to not be hitting the bait. We haven’t been in our house since Ian. We are now back in and have a bad ghost ant prb. I used some terro I had for awhile and at first they hit the bait but not as hard as in the past. Soon they quit all together. I thought maybe it was because its old so I bought a new bottle. They ignore this also. It is like they have figured out it’s poison. They will walk right around it. They haven’t hit it now in well over a week.

  2. The little black ants are ignoring my Terro ant poison containers. When I place it in front of them, they turn and run in the opposite direction.


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