AeroGarden vs Tower Garden- Which Is Better?

aerogarden vs tower garden
aerogarden vs tower garden

Gardening can be a lot of fun but there are tons of things that should be kept in mind. Depending on the variety that you are planting, the steps required to keep it maintained can vary.

This is why you must go through the specifications of most plants before planting them.

The process helps in ensuring that you can keep the varieties healthy for a long time.

Now that you understand this, another thing that should be noted is that some brands have come up with devices that can be used to help you out. There are several options that you can choose from.

However, two of the most famous devices that you might have already come across include AeroGarden and Tower Garden.

While both of these are completely separate from each other, their main features can be a little similar. This confuses tons of people resulting in them asking questions regarding them.

Considering this, we will be using this article to provide you with a comparison between AeroGarden and Tower Garden. Going through it should help you in understanding how these devices are different from each other.

AeroGarden vs Tower Garden

Gardening System AeroGarden Tower Garden
Dirt Required No Dirt Required (Aeroponic) No Dirt Required (Aeroponic)
Seed Kits Seed Kits Are Optional Seed Kits Are Necessary
Plants Grown 3 – 12 Plants 20 Plants Maximum
Maintenance Very Low Maintenance Low Maintenance
Harvest Yield Low Quantities Per Season High Harvest Year-Round

AeroGarden Growing System

aerogarden growing system

AeroGarden Growing System is a type of device that allows people to grow plants indoors without any problems.

The main issues that you normally run into when growing plants inside your house include having to put the pots near windows, as well as keeping them fed frequently.

All of these issues are prevented as the device can keep your plants fed and watered automatically. Keep in mind that one unique thing about the AeroGarden growing system is that there is no soil inside it.

When it comes to this, the device only grows plants using water.

This can be quite unique, but you should note that there are also some benefits and drawbacks to this feature. The hydroponic system ensures that a lot of liquids are saved.

This is because 80% of the water poured over the soil either flows through it or gets absorbed while the 20% is used by the plants.

Excess Water In Soil

Though, when you are growing your plants in water directly then all the water is used by it. While this can be great, the main drawback of hydroponic systems is their limitations.

Tons of varieties cannot be grown in the AeroGarden Growing System which makes it annoying.

Keeping this in mind, another thing that people should note is that the device only uses pods. Some models allow people to plant herbs without pods, but these can be tricky.

The height of the plants should also be kept in mind as some varieties start to spread quickly.

When it comes to them, people have to remember that the space provided inside the AeroGarden Growing System is limited. If you don’t keep this in check then growing the herbs can be difficult or even impossible.

The LED lights on the AeroGarden devices have spectrums that they can switch between.

This allows the light to replicate the sun, ensuring that it keeps your plants healthy at all times. The only complaint with the light is that it can be too bright sometimes.

Though, you can usually lower its brightness and even adjust the angle it is aiming towards.

Overall, the growing system from AeroGarden is an amazing device that allows people to grow herbs without much effort. They can get consistent harvests in their house without having to keep a check on the plants.

The devices are also equipped with control panels that can be used to access them.

These can be used to configure the settings on your device or even set timers. You will then be alerted whenever it is time to feed your plants or water them.

Keeping the tanks on your AeroGarden filled up ensures that all of this is done automatically.

Tower Garden

tower garden

Tower Garden is an aeroponic growing system that allows people to grow plants both indoors as well as outdoors.

The device is amazing and comes with tons of features that help in ensuring that people can have a fun time when planting new herbs, fruits, or even vegetables.

The great thing about tower gardens is that they allow people to grow these varieties using a unique method. Instead of the plants getting spread all around your garden, these will all be planted in a single spot.

This allows multiple varieties to be planted without having to worry about the space being used.

You should note that when comparing the Tower Garden to AeroGarden, several things should be kept in mind. The device is better in tons of ways, but some drawbacks make AeroGarden a better choice.

The main benefits of using Tower Garden include its versatility.

You can plant a wider range of varieties in the pots while also having the option to keep the containers wherever you want them to be.


On the other hand, AeroGarden is designed for indoor use and should be plugged into an outlet at all times to function properly.

The aeroponics system on this device also makes it great because this method helps in making the roots a lot stronger.

On the other hand, devices like Tower Garden require proper gardening knowledge. This is because you still have to keep a check on the varieties manually.

If this is not done, then your plants will start to die. However, AeroGarden ensures that your plants are kept alive as long as it is filled up with fresh water and plant food.

Going through the information provided above, you should be able to understand how these two devices are different.

The choice to decide which one will be better for you depends on your personal preferences. Additionally, your gardening knowledge also plays a huge role when trying to purchase one of these devices.

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