6 Annoying 2016 Polaris Sportsman 570 Problems

2016 polaris sportsman 570 problems
2016 polaris sportsman 570 problems

The 2016 Polaris Sportsman 570 is the best option to be considered if you are looking to buy a four-wheel bike that is comfortable and powerful.

As we know, many people bought these bikes for off-roading and were satisfied with their purchase. However, some of the users faced problems in this unit. Therefore, below is a detailed guideline to troubleshoot all the 2016 Polaris Sportsman 570 problems.

Resolving 2016 Polaris Sportsman 570 Problems

  1. Polaris Engine Misfiring Problem

The users of the 2016 Polaris Sportsman 570 often run into engine misfiring problems, and because of this problem, the consumers of this unit are disheartened with it.

The users claimed that the engine misfires in hilly areas. This problem is caused due to negligence in maintenance.

Therefore, if you are one of the users who ran into this trouble, then to fix this problem, you have to inspect the fuel pump, air filter, and the fuel injector’s timing.

Engine Strength

Thus, inspect the fuel pump first and if the fuel pump is clogged, replace it from the nearest authorized dealership as the company recommends it.

Moreover, you can also run into this problem if the air filter is blocked. For this reason, clean the filter with air pressure or replace it if it is fully clogged.

On the other hand, if the fuel pump and the air filter are not the reason that is causing this problem, then the fuel injector’s timing is unadjusted.

However, this problem can be easily solved by adjusting the timing of the fuel injector.

  1. Polaris Electrical Problem

On the other hand, the users of the 2016 Polaris Sportsman 570 also complained about the electrical problems they faced in this unit which include the following issues

  • Melting of fuse box
  • Warning lights on the dash
  • Smoke from the wiring

These problems are caused due to the wiring problem in this unit. Thus, you can only fix these problems by contacting the experts working at the nearest service station. As we know, most of the users of this unit faced this issue soon after buying it.

Electrical Issues

Therefore, if you are among those users, then all you need to do is claim the bike’s warranty, and the company will fix the problem for free.

However, the warning lights problem can be easily fixed by attaching an OBD2 scanner to the bike and matching the code displayed on the scanner with the owner’s manual.

By doing this, you will easily diagnose the reason that is causing the light to be illuminated.

  1. Polaris Gear Problems

Aside from the electrical problems in this unit, gear issue is one of the common issues reported by the consumers of this unit. The issues related to the gear that the users write are given below

  • Hard gear shift
  • An abnormal noise from the front axle
  • Gear slipping issue
  • Gear engaging issue

These are the problems related to the gear the users ran into while owning this unit. The disappointing fact is that the users ran into these problems soon after buying this unit from the company.

Thus, the reasons behind these issues need to be addressed as quickly as possible.

Issues Shifting Gears

Hence, to troubleshoot the hard gear shift problem, all you need to do is to lubricate the gear linkage.

This problem can also pop up if the shift cover is too tight or the gear oil is lower than the specified level. Therefore, lose the shift cover and replace the gear oil with the correct fluid type to fix this problem.

On the other hand, the abnormal noise from the front axle is caused only if the gearbox is defective. Thus, the fix is to replace the gearbox from the nearest authorized dealership, Polaris.

Furthermore, the gear slipping and the engaging problem are also caused if the gear parts are worn out and can be fixed by replacing the gearbox with the new one.

  1. Battery Dies out Quickly

Finally, one of the significant issues in this unit is its battery which dies out quickly. Therefore, to address this problem, you need to check whether the charging system is working properly.

If it does not work correctly, then have it adjusted by a professional mechanic at the nearest service station.


The reason behind checking the charging system is that it might not be able to charge the battery properly, causing it to die out quickly.

  1. How to prevent Fuel Leakage

If you’re planning to invest in this unit and are worried about the fuel leakage problem, then there is no need to worry, as it can be prevented by taking some simple steps.

To prevent fuel leakage from happening, you must check all the parts of your vehicle, such as leaks in the tank or gas line.

If any leak is found in the gas line, it must be fixed immediately. In addition, you must ensure that the fuel system is always clean and free from dirt.

cleaning cloth

Always check the oil level in your engine before going on a ride with your ATV. This should help prevent fuel leakage when riding hard or fast terrain.

  1. How to Choose Polaris Replacement Parts

When choosing replacement parts for your Polaris unit, there are certain factors to be kept in consideration. Some of these factors include the following

  • The quality and condition of the replacement part
  • The compatibility between the replacement part and the original unit
  • The source of the replacement part, such as a dealer, online shopping store, or an independent seller.

Selecting a high-quality and reliable Polaris replacement part will ensure optimal performance and better longevity of your unit.

Replacement Parts Are Strictly Limited

Therefore, it is important that you carefully compare different sources and select the one that offers the best quality at a reasonable price.

Likewise, you also need to ensure that the replacement part is compatible with your unit before making a purchase. This will help avoid difficulties in installation and may even void your warranty if not installed correctly.

How to Prevent Polaris Problems

Some basic maintenance steps should be taken to prevent various problems in your Polaris unit. These include the following

  • Regularly inspecting all parts of your unit for signs of wear and tear
  • Checking the condition of the motor oil, brake fluid, coolant levels, and other fluids regularly
  • Checking tire pressure periodically to ensure optimal performance
  • Cleaning and lubricating all moving parts as frequently as possible
  • Regularly change the filters and spark plugs to maintain the optimal performance of your unit.

In addition to these basic maintenance steps, you also need to be aware of potential hazards from your Polaris unit.

Checking for any damaged wiring, loose connections, and overheating before each use can help prevent electrical problems that may lead to fires or other serious issues.

Furthermore, using proper safety gear and avoiding situations that may potentially cause accidents can help you avoid costly repairs in the long run.

Following these tips helps go a long way towards ensuring optimal performance and longevity of your Polaris unit.

How Perform Basic Maintenance on Your Polaris ATV

Regular maintenance on your Polaris ATV is essential to keep it in good working condition. Some of the basic tasks that you may need to perform include the following:

  • Checking and changing oil, filter, spark plugs, and air filters as recommended by the manufacturer
  • Checking fluid levels regularly and topping them up if necessary
  • Inspecting belts for any signs

of wear and tear and replacing them if necessary

  • Inspecting the condition of tires and wheels, including alignment, balancing, and tire pressure
  • Checking cables for proper connections and lubricating moving parts as needed.

Regular maintenance on your Polaris ATV is crucial to ensure optimal performance, better fuel efficiency, and reduced risks of breakdowns and other problems.

By following the recommended schedule and tasks provided by the manufacturer, you can help prolong the life of your Polaris unit and enjoy many years of trouble-free riding.

 How to Find Polaris Parts Online

There are several ways to find Polaris parts online, including the following:

  • Checking with authorized dealers in your area who may be able to provide information on parts suppliers and other resources
  • Searching online shopping stores, such as Amazon or eBay, which may have a wide selection of Polaris parts available
  • Consulting independent sellers who may offer specialized services for Polaris units, including parts replacement.

When looking for Polaris parts online, it is essential to compare the different sources and prices to find the best deal. You should also select a reputable supplier who can deliver high-quality parts on time.


All in one, these were the problems that the users of the 2016 Polaris Sportsman 570 faced. Hence, if you are one of the users that also ran into these problems, then reading this article will help you to troubleshoot the issues.

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