Can You Use Old Motor Oil to Fertilize Your Lawn?

can you use old motor oil to fertilize your lawn
can you use old motor oil to fertilize your lawn

Using the right kind of fertilizer can substantially boost the growth of your garden. Even if your land doesn’t have the necessary nutrients, you can first inspect the nutrient deficiency and then use fertilizers to fulfill the lack. That way, your plants have the perfect conditions for encouraging growth and more produce at the end of the season.

There is a wide variety of fertilizers available on the market. Recently some gardeners have been asking about using motor oil to fertilize their lawns. Let’s go over whether or not you should be using motor oil for lawn fertilization.

Can You Use Old Motor Oil to Fertilize Your Lawn?

It is a widespread misconception that gardeners can use motor oil to fertilize a lawn. The truth can’t be farther from this statement. The chemicals in the used motor oil can damage the plants and infect the water beneath the soil. So, you should not use old motor oil to fertilize your lawn in any situation. If you want to see your plants grow nicely, then stick to conventional fertilizers and make sure to take a soil sample to determine nutrient deficiency first.

Using chemical fertilizers without any proper knowledge won’t do you any good. You will end up wasting time and resources at best. Moreover, you might also permanently damage the soil beneath your garden by using fertilizers made from excessive chemicals. This is one of the main reasons why gardening experts like to stick with organic variants. Even though organic variants can take somewhat longer to take effect, they are the safest option while choosing fertilizers for your garden.

However, if there is e severe deficiency of some essential nutrients in your soil, you can resort to chemical fertilizers after referring to a gardening expert. You can inspect the problem yourself by checking the symptoms of your plants. If they are yellowish and not growing well, then you might need to add nitrogen, potassium, sulfur, or other chemical nutrients to balance out the soil. Keep in mind that you need expert knowledge before adding chemical fertilizer to the garden.

You can also read the instructions on the label about recommended dosage and stick to that for maximum effectiveness. Hopefully, your garden will notice a substantial boost in the growth of your plants if you manage the dosage properly over the whole season.

To Conclude

Using old motor oil to fertilizer lawn is not a good idea, and you should avoid spilling motor oil over your garden at any cost. The chemicals inside the used motor oil can infect the water reservoir while damaging the plants and hindering their growth. So, if you were thinking of using motor oil for fertilizer, it is best to buy natural fertilizer from a gardening store.

Instead of using the old motor oil in your garden, you can drop it on a service station so that they can recycle it for further use. Other than that, there is no use for old motor oil in your garden as a fertilizer.

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