3 Steps To Resolve Wood Chipper Not Feeding

wood chipper not feeding
wood chipper not feeding

A wood chipper or a tree chipper is a popular machine with the purpose of helping reduce the wood into small chips. They are usually portable and can be mounted on top of wheels, after being towed to a van or a truck.

While a wood chipper should make things a lot easier for you, there are still issues that you can end up running into. Likewise, having your wood chipper not feeding is a very common problem that most people face. In case you have been wondering how to fix it up, then here’s what you should know!

Fixing Wood Chipper Not Feeding

  1. Check the Angle

An important thing to know about wood chippers is the role of your blade and cutter bar angle when chopping wood. This is a vital factor that will determine whether the wood chipper will chip away the wood or not.

Similarly, if you are having a hard time being able to feed the wood chipper, we recommend checking the gap between your blade and the cutter bar. It could be that the blades are set too close to the drum.

What you can do is to try setting the blades about 3-4 lines out of them and then set the cutter bar right to where the blades clear.

  1. Quality of the Chipper

The quality of the wood chipper itself is also a pretty important thing to keep in mind. If you are having issues with your chipper, then chances are that you might be using a low-quality wood chipper. That being said, it is also possible that the quality of wood being chipped away could be poor.

In either case, there are plenty of off-brand low-quality wood chippers that don’t perform that well. In case you do have one of those, that might as well be the case why you are having a hard time with it.

  1. Sharpen the Knives

In any wood chipper, the most crucial part is the blades that are actually used to chip the wood. After extended use, it is possible for the knives or the blades to start wearing out. That is also the reason why it is recommended to do regular maintenance on the blades.

But instead, what we recommend you do is to replace the blades of the wood chipper with a high-quality blade. This should get your wood chipper to start working like it’s supposed to.

The Bottom Line

Wood chipper not feeding is a common complaint that many individuals have, especially when they are using it for the first time. Luckily, this problem can be troubleshot and fixed by simply following some instructions. All these instructions have been mentioned right above!

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