Why Is My Mulberry Tree Not Fruiting? 3 Causes

why is my mulberry tree not fruiting
why is my mulberry tree not fruiting

Mulberry trees are known for their sweet fruits. These trees are fast-growing and generally have a short life span as compared to the other fruiting trees. They are easy to grow and do not require too much attention for their growth. They are easy to grow and have the ability to survive drought conditions. However, the most common question regarding the mulberries fruiting trees is that why is my mulberry tree not growing? Therefore, we will help you find the answer to such a question. Let’s dig in.

Why Is My Mulberry Tree Not Fruiting?

1. Too Much Moisture

Mulberry trees have the ability to thrive in drought conditions. This means that they do not require too much water to survive. Therefore, make sure that you do not give a lot of water to the tree. Instead, it is highly suggested to water the plant once a week. This will also prevent moisture to develop in the soil which might cause the soil to become soggy and cause fungus and mold to develop that may cause a nutrient deficiency in your mulberry tree. This is because the mols and fungus will consume all the essential nutrients required by the tree for fruiting.

2. Low Temperature

Too low temperature is yet another reason for your mulberry tree not fruiting. If the temperature is too low to the point where frost has been developed on the tree. The frost is unexpected and quite tricky. In case, you do not pay attention to it, the frost may vanish after some time. However, it will turn the ovary of the flowers brown and dead from the inside. Therefore, make sure that you do not plant the tree where the land is lower than the surrounding. Also, make sure that the place where you plant your tree does not have cold air for a longer time.

You can check if the place has the frost or not. This can be done by observing the grass of that area when frost starts to develop. If the grass is white, then it is confirmed that the place experiences hard frost. If the grass is white from some places and some portions of it are normal, then it means that such place also experiences frost but not too severe. You would prefer to avoid such places to plant a tree that requires no frosting environment.

3. Fertilization

Another reason for your tree not fruiting can be fertilization. Mulberry trees do not require too much soil for their growth. They thrive in poor soil. This means that they will produce more fruit in poor soil conditions. If the plant has too much soil exposure than required, it will cause problems for the plant growth. As a result, the plant will not be able to concentrate on fruiting. Therefore, make sure that the mulberry tree has been provided with average soil. You can also do a soil test in order to figure out if the soil is the culprit behind your mulberry tree not fruiting.

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