3 Reasons Why Is Monstera Drooping

Why Is My Monstera Drooping
Why Is My Monstera Drooping

Monstera or also known as monstera deliciosa are plants that are widely spread all around the world. The main reason behind this is how beautiful the leaves on them are. You should note that these flowering plants are mostly found in tropical regions. This includes Mexico and the southern part of Panama. Aside from this, the species are quite invasive which is why they are usually kept in pots. Though, people can easily take steps to keep them under control when planting them in their gardens.

The flowering plants are also low maintenance which makes them a great option for beginners. With that being said, there are also some issues that people can run into with these flowers. Recently users have been asking the question “Why is my monstera drooping?”. If you are running into the same problem, then going through this article should help you out. This is because we will be providing you with several reasons behind the problem as well as steps that can be taken to ensure that the issue is fixed.

Why Is Monstera Drooping?

  1. Watering Your Plants Properly

The first thing that people should note is the steps required to keep monsters healthy. As these are found in tropical regions, the plant requires a lot of liquid throughout the day. This is why if you have not been watering your monstera enough then there is a high chance of them dying or drooping. The issue you are getting with your flowers usually helps in indicating what the problem is from.

As long as you get rid of the issue, it is safe to say that your plant will get back to its original state. Although, if you leave the monstera flowers like this then they will die out within a few days. Keeping this in mind, make sure that the soil around your plants is always kept moist. This can easily be done by adding a small amount of water to the soil throughout the day.

The process might be a little annoying, but you should keep in mind that leaving the soil dry will kill your flowers. Now that you understand all this, another reason why the plant might be drooping can be excess water. This is because if the liquid starts gathering inside your soil, then it will suffocate the monstera. To prevent this from happening, users can create small tunnels inside their ground.

These can allow the excess water to escape, leaving the soil behind moist. If you have the plants inside pots, then making small holes beneath them should do the trick. You can add a rock in case the soil starts to leak from the pot as the water should still find its way out.

  1. Amount Of Sunlight Being Received

Other than the water your plant gets, the amount of sunlight being received is another factor that people need to look out for. This is because the flowers require about 4 to 6 hours of light every day to stay healthy. When it comes to this, some additional things should be noted as well. The sunlight should be through the partial shade in case the temperatures are too high.

This is because direct light can easily damage the leaves and flowers of your monstera and even dry out the soil around them. This results in drooping and the plant dying as mentioned above. As long as you keep the sunlight in check, your flowers should start getting back healthy on their own. People can also add shades above their flowers to block extra or direct light.

  1. Adding Fertilizers If You Have No Other Options

Some users might notice that the temperatures in their region make it quite difficult to keep the monstera healthy. If this happens then your plant can still droop even after taking the steps mentioned above. Though, the issue can be quickly dealt with by providing your soil with sufficient nutrients.

The best way to do this is by adding fertilizers to your grown after every 3 weeks. People should also make a habit of pruning their monstera as it helps in boosting growth. The only thing that you need to do is remove the dead branches and leaves from your flowering plants before the bloom season.

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