Why Is My Jasmine Plant Dying? (Answered)

Why Is My Jasmine Plant Dying
Why Is My Jasmine Plant Dying

Jasmine is a genus of flowering plants from the olive family. These are either grown as small shrubs or even as vines because of their fast growth. The plant has over 200 species that people can select from and each of them has unique characteristics. The main reason why jasmine is so popular is because of the beautiful scent found in their flowers. This can be noticed from a distance because of how strong it is, and the aroma even stays alive if you pluck the flowers.

Why Is My Jasmine Plant Dying?

This is also why tons of people often take out their flowers and keep them inside their homes during the bloom time of the plant. Overall, jasmine is a beautiful plant that also has a sweet scent on them. Though, there are also several problems that you can run into when growing them in your homes. Recently, people have been asking the question “why is my jasmine plant dying?”. If you are getting the same issue, then going through this article should help you in finding some reasons behind it as well as ways that can be used to fix it.

  1. The Amount Of Sunlight Being Received

When growing plants like jasmine, people should understand that some requirements have to be kept in check. In most cases, if you notice that your jasmine is dying then there is a high chance that it might be lacking sunlight. To prevent the problem, you should keep the plants in a location where they can get the optimal amount of light every day.

While these plants don’t require much heat, it can still be important that they are in a spot where they get at least 6 hours of light every day. This should be consistent and both direct and partial light can be enough to keep the flowers blooming. As long as you take care of this, the problem you were getting previously should fix on its own.

Wait for about 4 days and you can then notice that the flowers that were dying will get back healthy. Too much sunlight on the other hand can also cause the same issue as it will burn the petals. This can be quite annoying as the flowers will die within a few days if the heat is too strong. To prevent this, people can install shades over their plants that will block the extra light.

  1. Watering Your Jasmine

Jasmine flowers usually love water and require a lot of it to stay healthy. This is why there are tons of cases where the plants can simply die due to a lack of liquids. When it comes to this, it can be important that you keep the flowers watered every day. Though, the amount of water being used should always be kept in check as too much of it can also cause problems.

The liquid should always be enough to keep the soil around your plant moist. Additionally, the water should only be poured over the soil as pouring it over the flowers can cause them to catch diseases. As long as this is done, your problem can be avoided, and the plants can stay healthy. However, if the water being poured is too much and starts collecting inside the soil, then this suffocates the plants.

They are unable to catch nutrients and air which results in the flowers dying within a few days. If you have a drainage system in your garden, then overwatering can be easily avoided. Though, if you don’t have a system like this then keep a check on the amount of water being used every day.

  1. Pruning Your Jasmine

Other than nutrients, pruning is another method required to keep your jasmine plants healthy. This involves removing dead branches and leaves from the plant so that it can keep on growing. If you don’t do this, then the plant will form tons of dead stems inside it that stop its growth and causes them to die.

Pruning is quite simple and an efficient way to ensure that your flowers keep on blooming. The process can also allow people to keep their plants under control. This is great as shrubs like jasmine can easily spread around the garden and even invade other plants.

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