3 Reasons Why Is Dracena Turning Yellow

Why Is My Dracena Turning Yellow
Why Is My Dracena Turning Yellow

Dracena or also known as Dracaena are flowering plants that are mostly grown as shrubs. These have over 120 species that also include small trees as well as bushes that can be planted in your garden. The main reason why these plants are so popular is because of how attractive they look. Dracena can also be kept indoors because of its low requirements. There are tons of people that think about planting these in their gardens or keeping them indoors.

Though, you should understand that even though the plant is low maintenance, there are still some issues that you can run into with it. This is why understanding how to deal with these problems can be important. Recently, people have been complaining and asking the question “Why is my Dracena turning yellow?”. If you are getting the same problem with your plants, then going through this article should help you in finding some reasons behind it. We will also provide you with several ways that can be used to deal with the issue and get rid of it.

Why Is Dracena Turning Yellow?

  1. Watering Your Dracena Plants

The color of leaves turning from green to yellow on your Dracena can be quite annoying. However, the main reason behind the problem is that you have not been watering the shrub properly. When it comes to this, people should understand that the plant requires water to stay healthy. If the amount of liquid being used on it is too low or too much, then it will not grow properly.

Overwatering is usually more likely to cause this problem, but you can confirm it by touching the leaves. If the leaves are damp and moist then the issue is most likely from overwatering. On the other hand, if these are dry then the issue might be from lack of water. Depending on the reason behind your problem, people can take steps accordingly to fix it.

If you are having trouble trying to keep the water content under control, then some additional methods can be used. Overwatering can easily be controlled by having a drainage system inside your soil. This prevents water from collecting inside the soil and allows it to escape once the soil particle is moist enough.

The type of soil you are using can also play a huge role as some soil has dense particles while others have smaller ones. The smaller the particles of soil are, the easier it is for the water to escape. If you have the plant inside a pot, then simply make a small hole underneath it and then cover it using a rock.

  1. Amount Of Light Your Dracena Plants Are Getting

Other than the amount of water your Dracena plants are getting, the sunlight around it is another important factor that should be kept in check. This is quite important as the shrubs cannot tolerate low light. People should always keep the plant in a spot where it can get long hours of sunlight every day. This is also important even during winters or if you are keeping the plant indoors.

In most cases, people recommend that these plants get about 6 to 8 hours of light every day. Though, this can also cause the soil around your plant to dry out. This is why you should carefully observe the Dracena plants once they have been planted. The process helps people in finding the perfect balance between the amount of water and sunlight their Dracena is getting. You can then find the optimal levels to keep your shrubs healthy throughout the year.

  1. Adding Nutrients To Soil Through Fertilizers

The steps mentioned above are enough to keep your Dracena healthy and prevent its leaves from turning yellow. However, some people might not have a spot where their shrubs can get the optimal levels of sunlight every day. This makes the plant malnourished, causing it to form yellow color on its leaves and start to wilt.

Luckily, the problem can be avoided by adding fertilizers to your plant. Doing so will ensure that the plant gets all the nutrients required by it. As a result, the color of the leaves should turn back to green within a few days and your problem should be fixed. Just make sure that you add the fertilizers after every 4 weeks for consistent results.

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