3 Possible Reason Why Your Morning Glories Not Blooming

why are my morning glories not blooming
why are my morning glories not blooming

Morning glories are beautiful trumpet-shaped flowers with bright colors. Many gardeners grow morning glories because of their wonderful eye-catching colors. These flowers bloom in the morning. They close in the afternoon. These plants do not require too much soil to grow. They can be grown easily without too much care. But what if you grow morning glories and they do not bloom? We are going to look into the most asked question about morning glories i.e. why are my morning glories not blooming.

Why Are My Morning Glories Not Blooming?

1. Too Much Soil

The morning glories do not require too much soil in order to thrive. They prefer an environment with an average amount of soil. If the soil is more than what the plant requires, then the plant will not fertilize properly. As a result, your morning glories will not bloom. Therefore, make sure that you provide a poor quantity of soil to the plant. Also, you do not need to fertilize these plants a lot. Therefore, ensure that you fertilize your morning glories in very low quantities.

2. Less Sunlight

Sunlight is needed by almost all kinds of plants in order to grow and bloom properly. Morning glories are no other exception. The morning glories enjoy full sunlight and thrive the most in such conditions. In case, your morning glories are present at a location where they do not get enough sunlight, it is preferred to transport them to a location where they can get good quality of sunlight. Make sure that your beautiful morning glories get sunlight for about 7 hours a day.

3. Moisture

Another reason for your morning glories not blooming can be too much moisture. If you give too much water to these plants, the soil will get soggy. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you water the morning glories consciously. Water these plants once a week.

If the plant is given too much water, it blocks the ability of the plant to absorb the nutrients from the soil. As a result, the plant becomes yellow with the passage of time. Also, too much moisture in the soil increases the risk of fungus growing. The fungus consumes all the nutrients from the soil leaving nothing for the plant itself. Also, it can cause many plant diseases such as phosphorus diseases. if the plant has less phosphorus and more nitrogen, it causes the plant to produce more leaves and fails to produce flowers. This means that no flowers will bloom. Therefore, maintaining the intake of water by the plant is very important.

The Bottom Line

The moral of the article is that morning glories do not need too much attention to grow and bloom. However, these flowers require certain conditions to be fulfilled in order to bloom properly. We have provided you with some of the most common problems that might be preventing your morning glories to bloom. To know more about them, go through our article.

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