3 Reasons Why Are Calla Lilies Drooping

Why Are My Calla Lilies Drooping
Why Are My Calla Lilies Drooping

Lilies are beautiful flowering plants that are grown in gardens for their big petals that have bright shades of colors on them. Though, people should understand that there are over 8 species that they can select from. Depending on which one you decide to get, the characteristics of your flowers might vary. Talking about this, one of the most popular variants of the plant includes calla lilies which grow beautiful flowers. These come in shades of purple and white to name a few but there are over 8 different types that can be selected from.

With that being said, the flowering plant usually requires next to no maintenance steps, but people have been reporting running into problems with it. Recently, users have been asking “why are my calla lilies drooping?”. If you are getting the same problem with your plants, then it can be quite annoying to deal with. Hence, we will be using this article to provide you with a list of reasons that can cause the issue along with solutions that can be used for them.

Why Are My Calla Lilies Drooping?

  1. Condition Of Soil The Bulbs Are Being Planted In

Most people growing calla lilies in their garden decide to plant bulbs that will eventually grow into large plants. Germination is quite easy when dealing with these species, but people should understand that there are tons of steps that they need to keep in check. Usually, if the plants growing out start drooping then it means that you had not grown them in optimal soil conditions.

When planting the bulbs, people have to first check how deep of a hole they have dug. This has to be deep enough so that the roots can spread inside the ground. On the other hand, the hole has to be near the surface so that the plant can easily come out. Other than this, the amount of water being used on the soil plays a huge role in how it will grow out.

Too much water will always be harmful to these species as these can grow even without liquids. Keeping this in mind, make sure that you only pour enough water on the plant that keeps the soil around it moist. Doing so will ensure that the flowers can start growing while avoiding most problems like this.

Having a drainage system in your soil is another great solution as it helps all the extra liquid seep out of the soil. If done properly then your problem should get fixed within a few days and the new flowers should stay healthy for a long time without any further issues.

  1. Using Fertilizers On Your Plant

Other than the amount of water being used, people often use fertilizers on their plants to keep them healthy. When it comes to this, there are some nutrients in the product that can cause the flowers to droop. Keeping this in mind, it is recommended that a specific number of fertilizers be used. The TLC in these has to be kept in a minimum quantity so that the problem you are getting can be avoided.

With that being said, make sure that you ask the store clerk when purchasing fertilizers so that they can recommend you a product that has this chemical in low quantity. Doing so will ensure that the problem stays away from your plant even if you add fertilizers after every 3 to 4 weeks. This time frame is recommended as the nutrients inside the fertilizers get consumed within a month at most.

  1. Adding Support To The Plant

Finally, one more reason for this problem can be that your calla lilies are not getting enough support when growing out. This means that you might be taking care of all the maintenance steps required to keep the plant healthy but there is not enough support for the plant to stay upright. If not taken care of, the plant will grow out wobbly and eventually start drooping.

This can be quite annoying which is why you must keep the plant growing with some type of support. These include using cages to grow the plant or even keeping small wooden planks along them that they can grow on. Once the plant has established its base, the support can be removed to make the calla lilies look even better.

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