4 Reasons Why Are Your Aloe Leaves Bending

why are my aloe leaves bending
why are my aloe leaves bending

Aloe leaves are vastly used in the medical as well as cosmetic industry. It is so beneficial that it can be sued to improve the digestion system, oral health, and burning sensation in your body. It is also used in makeup, skincare, face mask, foot, and hand masks, and hair masks to make you look more beautiful and good-looking. It has various advantages due to which people often grow them in their houses. They are easy to grow but they do require some attention and care for their proper growth along with the basic necessities of life. However, people often ask “why are my aloe leaves bending?” there are many several causes that lead to aloe leaves bending which we will discuss and find their solutions. Let’s begin.

Why Are My Aloe Leaves Bending?

1. Over Watering The Plant

The aloe vera plants thrive in dry conditions. this means that they are capable of managing drought very efficiently and require less water. If you provide your plant with too much water, the plant is unable to soak all the water inside it due to which the water keeps standing on the edge of the roots. This causes various types of plant diseases to emerge due to excess moisture. Due to the diseases, the plant will become weak and the leaves start to bend due to weak tissues and cause the plant to die after some time. Therefore, make sure that you do not overwater your plant. You can water your plant once a week. This amount of water is more than enough for such types of plants that prefer dry conditions.

2. Improper Drainage

Improper drainage can be a cause of the aloe leaves bending. If you provide the plant with the required quantity of water, but if the drainage system of the plant is not built properly, the leaves of the aloe plant will bend. This is because an improper drainage system will cause the excess water to be stored in the soil and not drain out. This will lead to an increase in soil moisture and affect the pH level of the soil. As a result, the plant will not be able to survive in a moist environment.

3. Less Exposure To The Sunlight

Aloe vera plants thrive when exposed to sunlight. The more sunlight means the better the growth of the aloe vera plants. If the plant is present t a location where it is not getting enough light, the leaves will bend due to a lack of strength and energy. In such a case, you will have to transport the plant to a new location where the sunlight can reach the aloe vera plant with ease. If you have the aloe plant in a pot, then all you have to do is relocate the pot position. However, if the plant is in the soil, then you will have to remove the plant from the soil at the present location, find a new location and make a hole, then put the plant into the hole by finely covering all the roots of the aloe vera plant.

4. Molds And Fungus

Mold and fungus are one of the biggest threats to the life of any plant, aloe vera is no exception. The mold and fungus are often caused by overwatering or improper drainage systems. It lives near the roots of the plant and absorbs all the nutrients required by the plant for its growth. This means the plant will have nothing left to consume from the soil. as a result, the plant will become weak and the leaves will bend leading to the death of the plant.

The Bottom Line

To conclude the above-mentioned discussion, aloe vera leaves are used for various reasons. They can be used to heal your crack on the heels and hands, clear acne, make your hair shinier and silky, and whatnot. You can grow the aloe vera at your home with ease. In this way, you do not have o buy stuff from stores. But proper care of the plant is important. The plant requires less care but if it is not provided with the requirements, then the leaves will start bending and the plant might die soon. Therefore, it is highly suggested to take proper care of your plant.

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