What Year Is My Montgomery Ward Lawn Mower?

what year is my montgomery ward lawn mower
what year is my montgomery ward lawn mower

If your yard is small, a traditional mower is the best option. However, if your yard is larger than 1/4 acre or you want to spend less time mowing it, it might be worthwhile to consider upgrading to a riding lawn mower.

riding lawn mower

Using information about your lawn’s size, the terrain, and certain features to look for, this article will give you some exciting information about lawn mowers. Montgomery Ward Lawn Mower is our recommendation; you’ll see why shortly!

What Year is My Montgomery Ward Lawn Mower

What Year is My Montgomery Ward Lawn Mower

Due to its user-friendliness, this lawnmower is fairly simple to learn. Before purchasing a machine, it is customary to research its model. We can help you if you wonder what year your Montgomery ward lawn mower was purchased.

We have put up a thorough guide that will assist you in determining the model of your lawnmower. You should follow each of the steps listed below to ensure that none are overlooked.

Now, if you’re looking for the model, you can generally find it stamped on the car’s bottom. They can be located on the product’s backside in some editions. Some models’ serial numbers have reportedly been discovered under the driving seat.

Decoding the Manufacturing Year

Decoding the Manufacturing Year

The model manufacturing year is not mentioned alone, which is important to understand. So if you encounter an unknown number, try not to be worried. People frequently become perplexed because they are unaware that the manufacturing date and manufacturing code are written together.

You should be familiar with the label’s pattern to interpret that. In case you cannot find out any number, it is recommended that you contact the customer service line.

The procedures below will assist you in deciphering the number if you are successful in discovering it in the mower’s recommended locations:

Please write down the unit’s model so you can check it.

The first six numerals, from left to right, will cover your model date.

The process for decoding is as follows:

  • 1st two digits represent the Month
  • 2nd two digits represent the Day
  • 3rd two digits represent the year

Why Should We Verify the Model and Manufacturing Year Before Purchasing It?

Why Should We Verify the Model and Manufacturing Year Before Purchasing It?

Before purchasing a mower, it is important to verify the model. It enables you to determine how long the device has been in use.

In contrast to new machines, which do not need service for a very long time and save you a substantial amount of money, older machines typically do not survive very long and necessitate a great deal of maintenance.

Additionally, lawn mowers that have been in use for a while lack warranties and may cost you a lot of money to maintain.

New machines, however, still have warranties that can be used. Users feel more secure as a result. Similar to that, the condition of the engine is affected by the age of the machine.

The engine gets weaker as a model gets older, and vice versa. Some users discovered that many chores could not be completed on older engines due to their inadequate engine state.


The Montgomery riding lawnmower is a classic. If you have automotive experience, you’ll be good with one because they are simpler to repair than a car. You’ll love how swiftly they complete the task as well.

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