Why Are My Vincas Dying? (Answered)

vincas dying
vincas dying

Vincas are one of the most popular types of flowers that people plant in their gardens. These come in tons of varieties that you can select from. This gives people the option to select from several colours and sizes that the flowers can grow in. Considering this, you should note that you can even mix several of these types to make your garden look better. Talking about this, you should note that the different vinca flowers can slightly vary when it comes to keeping them healthy.

This is why you should understand how to keep your vinca plants maintained. Usually, the reason why vinca flowers are so popular is because of easy it is to keep them healthy. They require next to no maintenance but even after that, some people report that their vincas are dying. If you are getting the same problem, then going through this article should help you in getting rid of it.

Why Are My Vincas Dying?

  1. Water Problems

One of the best things about the vinca plant is that it is drought resistant. This can be amazing as the flowers can survive even if they don’t get watered. Although, you should note that to keep the plant healthy, you must keep watering it. Only this single step can prevent your vincas from dying but you should note that there are several other things that you need to keep in mind.

The vinca flowers can also die if someone waters them too much. The maximum amount of liquid required by them is a small amount that can keep the soil around them moist. Considering this if even a little water starts gathering around the soil, then this will start to suffocate the roots.

Usually, getting a small water puddle above the soil indicates that the roots have been flooded. This is quite dangerous which is why a simple fix is that you create small passages in your soil. These can be used by the water to escape out of the soil keeping it moist. If done properly then you can water your plants without having to worry about the soil flooding and killing your vinca.

  1. Vinca Has Fungus

Another reason why your vincas might be dying can be that these have fungus on them. This is quite common as there is a type of fungus that attacks vinca plants. If this happens then your plant will die within 2 days which can be quite annoying.

One easy way to prevent the fungus from spreading to your flowers is that only water the soil. Splashing water over the stems or putting water directly over the flowers can also cause them to catch fungus. This is quite dangerous which is why the method mentioned above should be used instead. In case your plant has already caught the fungus, there is no way to fix them.

This is why you should note that you should start using fungicides as soon as you start planting the flowers. The process helps your plant in getting immune to the fungus so that even if it tries to attack then there is no effect. Keep in mind that you will have to keep spraying the fungicide after planting the seeds and then continue with it even when the flowers start growing.

  1. Soil Condition

Finally, one more reason why your vincas might be dying can be due to the condition of your soil. This is quite common as the soil is the main source of nutrients for these plants. If this does not have the minerals required by vinca then the flowers will start dying. Considering this, you can fix the problem by getting fertilizers and then spraying them over the soil of your plant.

Make sure that you mix these carefully with the soil as it will help the plant in easily consume the nutrients required. Additionally, you have to use fertilizers every month to get the best effects possible. If done properly, then your vinca flowers should last you the entire season while remaining healthy.

Other than this, the position where you have put the vinca plant also plays a huge role in its health. Making sure that it is under partial or complete shade will be a better option instead of putting it under direct sunlight.

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