8 Common Takeuchi TB175 Problems

takeuchi tb175 problems
takeuchi tb175 problems

Takeuchi TB175 is one of the most popular excavators with a compact design and advanced features. It can dig 5m into the ground, while 4m is the vertical wall digging capacity.

It can produce over 58.3hp and has 2100rpm power, which means this excavator is extremely powerful. The excavator has exceptional speed and a reliable build.

However, like other excavators, this one is also prone to some functionality problems. So, we are sharing the common problems of the excavator as well as the solutions!

Troubleshooting Takeuchi TB175 Problems

  1. Heating Problems

Heating Problems

The excavator has a great power level, but it also increases the chances of overheating. When the excavator starts overheating, you must turn it off immediately because prolonged overheating can lead to engine failure.

Once the excavator is turned off, it’s recommended that you check the coolant level in the engine – if the coolant level seems low, just refill it. This is because sufficient coolant is important for regulating the engine’s temperature during operation.

Secondly, you have to check the fan belt. It is basically a rubber band that connects different components of the engine together and has a series of teeth that run along the belt’s inner surface. It results in formation of the traction and helps grip the shafts.

However, when the fan belt breaks, the engine’s components won’t spin properly, which not only reduces the speed but cause overheating as well. So, inspect the fan belt and get it replaced if it’s broken.

Thirdly, you have to check the radiator fins. These fins basically extend from the radiator and help increase the heat transfer rate (these are zigzag strips that are found between the radiator panels).

However, regular use of the excavator can result in grime and dirt between the fins, which slows down the fin’s spinning and cause overheating. So, if you haven’t serviced your excavator in a long time, it’s time to get it cleaned.

Keep in mind that you shouldn’t open the engine hood if the steam is coming out of the engine compartment. This is because the hot water or steam can spurt out, which causes burns.

Also, you must not remove the radiator caps when the engine is hot (let the engine cool down first).

  1. Insufficient Power

Insufficient Power

Takeuchi TB175 is a powerful excavator, which means insufficient power output is a serious concern. In most cases, the power levels are impacted when the valves and oil levels aren’t maintained, so replenish the oil levels.

In addition, cleaning the air cleaner of the excavator also resolves the problem. However, if cleaning the air cleaner doesn’t work, you must check the hydraulic valve. The hydraulic valves are responsible for controlling the oil’s direction through the hydraulic circuit.

However, if the valves are broken, the oil is leaked, which leads to insufficient power. The broken valves must be replaced, and make sure you refill the hydraulic fluid as well.

Secondly, you must check the hydraulic oil’s temperature. This is because if this oil is too cold, the oil’s flow will be impacted (it won’t be efficient), and it can also clog the valve.

For this reason, you must maintain the heat exchangers of the excavator to make sure the heat is constantly and evenly dissipated to prevent cold oil.

  1. Starting Problems

Starting Problems

The excavator not starting is also a common issue, and it’s mostly caused by water or air in the fuel system. This is because water or air in the fuel system doesn’t mix with fuel, which negatively impacts the fuel circulation in the system.

In addition, water in the fuel system can also cause rusting. For this reason, you must get rid of air bubbles and water to start the engine. As far as removing the water and air bubbles is concerned, you must consult the user manual or call a professional.

In addition to this, you must check the cables connected to the cluster and make sure they are tightly connected and aren’t damaged.

  1. Dead Battery

Dead Battery

Just like other vehicles, this excavator is also designed with a battery to power the electrical components. However, the battery can die, and the common symptoms include a weak horn and the inability of the starter motor to turn on.

To turn on the dead battery, you’ve to use the jumper cable and another vehicle’s battery. You must not let the two vehicles touch each other during battery recharging. In addition, the positive and negative terminals of the jumper cable shouldn’t touch each other.

The experts recommend that you connect the positive terminals first and disconnect the negative terminals first. Also, you must wear safety goggles while using jumper cables.

Before we share the steps to use a jumper cable, you must ensure that the battery of the rescue vehicle has the same capacity as the excavator’s battery. Now, follow these steps to jumpstart the dead battery;

  • The starter keys of the excavator and rescue vehicle must be in the “off” position
  • Connect the R clip of the cable to excavator’s positive terminal
  • Connect the other clip to the rescue vehicle’s positive terminal
  • Now, connect the jumper cable’s clip to the negative terminal of the rescue vehicle
  • Connect the other clip to the excavator’s engine block
  • Make sure that the clips are tightly connected to the terminals and start the rescue vehicle’s engine and operate it at a high speed
  • After a few seconds, turn on the excavator’s engine, and it will turn on

When the engine of the excavator starts operating, you have to disconnect the jumper cables. For this purpose, remove the jumper cable’s clip from the excavator’s engine block and then from the rescue vehicle’s negative terminal.

Then, remove the jumper cable’s clip from the rescue vehicle’s positive terminal and then from the excavator’s terminal.

  1. Air Is Bleeding From The Fuel System

Air Is Bleeding From The Fuel System

When the air starts bleeding out the fuel system, it reduces the excavator’s performance and can even lead to engine failure.

To fix this issue, you have to supply fuel to the system and turn the starter key in the “on” position for twenty seconds. As a result, the excavator’s air bleeder will automatically remove air from the fuel system.

  1. Lights Are Not Turning On

Lights Are Not Turning On

The lights are important for every excavator user, especially if they are using it in low-light conditions. However, if the lights on your excavator don’t turn on, you’ve to look for the fuse.

That’s because a blown fuse fails to power the light and other electric components. To inspect the fuse, you need to stop the engine, uncover the fuse box, and inspect all the fuses.

If you see a brown or blackened fuse, it has to be replaced for the lights and electric system to work. On the other hand, if the new fuse blows as well, it indicates an issue in the electric system and can lead to a fire. In that case, you must contact Takeuchi’s customer support team to fix the electric system.

  1. Gearbox Issues

Gearbox Issues

The gearbox can be defined as a transmission system of the excavator as it stores all the gears. It is responsible for changing the engine’s speed and increasing the output torque.

In simpler words, a broken or damaged gearbox can lead to grinding, shaking, or jerking. As soon as these symptoms appear, you have to call a mechanic to get the gearbox fixed.

Also, you must stop driving the excavator because if you keep driving the excavator when the gearbox is damaged, it can cause permanent damage to the engine.

  1. Engine Emergency Lamp

Engine Emergency Lamp

f the engine emergency lamp appears on the excavator’s cluster, it means that there is something wrong with the cooling system or lubrication system. The solution is to check both these systems and make sure there is sufficient coolant and lubricant in the respective tanks.

The Bottom Line

These are some common issues associated with Takeuchi TB175, but they are all easy to resolve. However, if your excavator or its parts are in warranty, you must contact Takeuchi’s customer support team at +1 813-971-2666 for free repairs or part replacement.

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