Why Is The SunPatiens Not Blooming?(Answered)

sunpatiens not blooming
sunpatiens not blooming

Impatiens is one of the most famous types of flowers that people plant in their gardens. The flower looks beautiful while it is also easy to maintain. The large size and color options available on this flower are another reason why it is loved so much by people. Although, you should note that impatiens come in tons of options that you can select from. SunPatiens is one of the most famous varieties that people think about purchasing.

Though, when it comes to this, you should note that the flower is a hybrid created by using two different types of impatiens. This is why it is quite hard to get and even the seeds for it can be quite expensive. SunPatiens look amazing but people also report that the flower is not blooming for them. This can be quite annoying to deal with which is why we will be using this article to provide you with some steps that can be used to avoid this issue.

Why Is The SunPatiens Not Blooming?

  1. Watering Your SunPatiens

If you notice that your SunPatiens are not blooming, then this is quite a normal occurrence. You should note that the flowers on your plant can sometimes wither which can happen for several reasons. The only thing that you can do in this case is to water your flowers. Make sure that you use the optimal amount of liquid as it ensures that your plant can stay healthy.

When it comes to SunPatiens, you should note that only small amounts of water are required. This should be in a quantity that can keep the soil around your flowers moist. Spreading any more liquid than this will cause it to start gathering inside the roots. In most cases, the water can be unnoticeable, but this will slowly suffocate the roots of your SunPatiens.

With time, the flowers will start getting weaker and then eventually die. Considering this, it is best that you either water the plant in small quantities or make escape routes for the liquid. This can be technical to set up but once you have enough space for the water to escape, all the excess liquid will go out from the soil on its own. The process result will fix the problem you were getting and new SunPatiens flowers should start blossoming.

  1. Avoid Cutting and Use Fertilizers Instead

While most flavors that are having trouble blossoming have to be cut down to grow again. You should note that SunPatiens acts quite differently. The plant can take some time to spread out again which is why you should avoid cutting it.

Simply ensure that your soil has enough minerals to keep the plant healthy. If you notice that it is running low on nutrients, then purchase a pack of fertilizers. There are tons of brands that manufacture these so make sure that you select a reliable one. Simply spread the fertilizers over your soil and wait for the SunPatiens flowers to consume enough nutrients.

You will then notice that new flowers will start blooming that will cover the dead branches and flowers on their own. This can be amazing as instead of having to cut down the withered flowers, the plant does this on its own. Other than this, cutting down the plant also ruins the original shape that makes it so beautiful. This is why you should avoid trying to touch the flowers at all.

  1. Change Position for SunPatiens

Finally, one more reason why your SunPatiens might not be blooming can be that it is getting hit by direct sunlight. While the flowers can grow under high temperatures, the UV rays from the sun can kill them instead. This is why it is much better than you have the flowers grow under partial shade instead. Ensuring that your

SunPatiens get at least some sunlight is important as it helps with its growth. If you are having trouble trying to decide the location for your plant even after this. Then one simple method is that you place single flowers in several pots. Now place these in complete sunlight, partial shade, and complete shade. You can then compare the growth for these with each other to see which flowers grow the best.

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