7 Fixes For Scotts Liquid Turf Builder Not Coming Out

Scotts Liquid Turf Builder Not Coming Out
Scotts Liquid Turf Builder Not Coming Out

Scotts is a famous brand that has been manufacturing gardening products for a long time. The company has come up with tons of products that can be used on your lawn.

However, all of these have different features on them, which is why going through them carefully can be important.

The Scotts Liquid Turf Builder is one of the best products that you can purchase from the brand. This is a type of lawn food that can be used in your garden to make the grass look better.

This not only makes the grass healthier but also helps in making its color greener.

green lawn

This can be great for your lawn but there are also some issues that you can run into with the product. Recently, people have been reporting that their Scotts Liquid Turf Builder is not coming out.

If you are running into a similar issue, then going through this article should help you out.

This is because we will be providing you with a list of troubleshooting steps that can be used to fix this issue. Make sure that you go through these carefully to avoid further problems.

Scotts Liquid Turf Builder Not Coming Out

  1. Check Seal On Bottle

If you have recently bought the Scotts Liquid Turf Builder and you notice that the solution is not coming out, then there are several reasons behind the problem.

Though, one of the most common reasons why people run into this issue can be that their Liquid Turf Builder still has a seal on it.

This is tightly fixed on the bottle, and it has to be removed before you can use the spray. Luckily, the process is quite easy as the only thing you need to do is remove the cap.


You can then take off the seal by pulling it. Once done, close the cap and your spray should now come out without any issues.

  1. Using The Lever

Another reason why your Scotts Liquid Turf Builder might not be coming out can be that you are not using the lever. When it comes to this, people need to understand that the bottle comes with a small lever on top of it.

This is used to spray out the chemicals inside the container.

If you have not been using the lever, then make sure that you hold this while the pressure inside your container is built up. If the lever is locked in place, then hold it tightly to release the lock.


This is only required the first time after which the solution should start spraying without any issues.

  1. Liquid Might Be Frozen

When using the Scotts Liquid Turf Builder, another important thing that should be kept in mind is the temperature in your area. People living in colder areas should note that the chemicals inside the bottle can start to thicken up.

This can even freeze which prevents the solution from coming out.

Keeping this in mind, if you are living in a colder area then you should leave your bottle in a warm room for some time. This should be enough for the solution to get back to its liquid state.

After this, you can continue using the product without running into any further problems.


People need to understand that storing the bottle carefully is also important. If you are trying to store it in some cold area, then there is a much higher chance that its chemicals will start to get thick.

On the other hand, storing the bottle in a warmer area will allow the solution to stay in its liquid state.

  1. Nozzle Is Too Tight

One more reason that can prevent the solution from coming out can be that the nozzle on it is too tight. This is quite common and happens if you install the cap back in too tightly.

tight nozzle

To prevent this problem, the only thing people have to do is release the cap.

This can be done by removing the cap first and then installing the nozzle back in properly. In some cases, people can also run into issues if the cap was not installed properly.

This is why make sure that you line it up perfectly with the nozzle so that the liquid can come out smoothly.

  1. Bottle Might Be Clogged

Sometimes when using the Scotts Liquid Turf Builder, people might notice that the spray stops coming out. This is usually caused by the nozzle on the bottle getting clogged.

There are several reasons behind this including the water supply having something in it as well as the solution having debris.

Whatever the case might be, people can easily fix the problem by clearing out the clog. To do this, you need to remove the cap, after this, the nozzle can be cleaned properly. Make sure that you clear out any debris that was stuck inside the bottle.

This can be a little tricky to do but if done properly then your problem should get fixed.

  1. Low Water Pressure

low pressure

The great thing about the Scotts Liquid Turf Builder is that it can be used without mixing it in with water. The only thing that you have to do is plug your water pipe into the bottle and then start spraying it.

Though, this is also where the main issue of the liquid not coming out comes in.

The main reason behind this is that the water pressure might be too low. When it comes to this, people need to ensure that their water has enough pressure to spray out the liquid.

  1. Bottle Might Be Faulty

Finally, one more reason behind this issue can be that the bottle you are using might be faulty. This is quite rare but there is still a chance of it happening. The only solution that you can go with in this case is contacting the support team for this brand.

The company should look into your issue and provide you with a viable solution. Usually, the team tries their best to provide people with a free replacement so that they can continue using the lawn feed.

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