Penny Mac Hydrangea vs Endless Summer – Which To Plant?

penny mac hydrangea vs endless summer
penny mac hydrangea vs endless summer

Hydrangea, also known as hortensia, is a category of over 75 species of flowering plants. They are native to many eastern Asian countries, including Indonesia, Japan, and Korea.

They have been growing in Japan for centuries, and their roots and rhizomes have been used to cure several diseases. They protect your kidney and liver from diseases and can also treat bladder infections.

In addition to that, hydrangea plants are loved for their stunning flowers. They are a great option if you are looking for fancy flowers to enhance the look of your lawn.

As mentioned earlier, hydrangea plants have wide varieties. With so many options to choose from, gardeners often feel confused when choosing a hydrangea plant.

it is recommended to grow only one plant at a time

If you are just getting started with plants, it is recommended to grow only one plant at a time, so you can fulfill its maintenance requirements properly.

Penny Mac hydrangea and Endless Summer are two popular varieties when it comes to hydrangea plants. Both have some distinctive features and are grown all over the world.

So, which one should you opt for? Are they easy to grow, and how much maintenance do they need? Today, we will be comparing these two hydrangea plants in this article. Read on to find which one is right for you!

Penny Mac Hydrangea vs Endless Summer

Comparison Table

Features  Penny Mac Endless Summer
Height 4-6 feet 3-5 feet
Color Pink and blue Pink and blue
Sunlight requirement Four hours Four hours
Water requirements Medium Medium

Below is a comparison between the Penny Mac hydrangea and Endless Summer plants.

Penny Mac Hydrangea

If you are looking for vibrant flowers for your yard, look no further than the Penny Mac hydrangea. It grows about four to six feet tall, and its flower heads tend to be larger than other hydrangea varieties.

  • Appearance

The Penny Mac hydrangea plants are deciduous

The Penny Mac hydrangea plants are deciduous, which means they drop their leaves at the end of their growing season. Their lush green foilage is aesthetically pleasing and will surely add to the charm of your lawn.

They are usually grown during summers, but they can survive winters. They come in multiple colors, including pink, blue, and purple.

The color of the Penny Mac hydrangea plants depends on the pH of your soil. If you grow them in alkaline soils, they will develop a pink color. On the other hand, growing them in acidic soil gives them a blue color. Both these colors look equally attractive, and you can choose any as per your liking.

The blue color of the acidic Penny Mac hydrangea plants comes from aluminum ions in the acidic soil . Alkaline soil does not have these aluminum ions, which is why they are pink.

If you have alkaline soil and want to grow blue Penny Mac hydrangea flowers, consider treating your plants with aluminum sulfate. On the contrary, if you want your flowers to look pink, you can use hydrated lime.

using a soil pH meter

To check the pH of your soil, consider using a soil pH meter. As its name implies, it is a tool used to measure the alkalinity or acidity of the soil. It is easy to use and will surely help you determine whether your soil is acidic or basic.

Once you know your soil properties, you can make adjustments accordingly to achieve your desired color.

  • Maintenance

partially shady areas

The best thing about the Penny Mac hydrangea plants is that they require low maintenance. They do not love heat and are usually grown in partially shady areas. So, if the climate of your area is hot and dry, consider using a shade cloth to cover your Penny Mac hydrangea plants.

Nowadays, a wide variety of shade cloths is available in the market. They are made of woven polyester and similar materials and have different degrees of shade depending on the material.

So, it would be a good idea to contact a botanist and ask them about the ideal shade degree for your Penny Mac hydrangea plants.

Rather than completely blocking the sunlight, shade cloth lets a certain amount of sunlight pass through. This makes them a great option for Penny Mac hydrangea plants as these plants need 4-6 hours of sunlight, even on the hottest days.

  • Installing Shade Cloth

Make sure to install your shade cloth in the right place for the best results. You can attach it to some tree or pole in your garden. If there is no such point in your yard, installing bamboo will be a viable option.

Penny Mac hydrangea plants require moderate watering for optimal growth. So, consider watering them regularly. And yes, do not flood your plants, as overwatering can damage them. Overwatering reduces the oxygen level in soil and harms your plants’ roots.

If you keep overwatering your Penny Mac hydrangea plants, they can get waterlogged. In such cases, the plants are unable to draw water from the soil.

Endless Summer

  • Appearance

Endless summers are another beautiful flowering plant from the hydrangea category

Endless summers are another beautiful flowering plant from the hydrangea category. They usually grow up to five feet. Like Penny Mac hydrangea plants, these plants are also deciduous with 4-8 inches long leaves.

The Endless Summer hydrangea plants are quite similar to Penny Mac. They can also have pink and blue colors depending on the soil pH. The flowers look elegant and are often used for decoration.

The Endless Summer hydrangea plants love growing in partially shady areas. They require around four hours of sunlight.

Since they are not heat-tolerant, it would be better to provide sunlight in the morning and then cover them with a shade cloth during the hottest hours of the day.

Tips for Growing

Endless summers are another beautiful flowering plant from the hydrangea category

If you are to plant the Endless Summer hydrangea plants, make sure that the soil is properly drained and moist. Mulching is also recommended to avoid moisture loss during summers.

You can use dried leaves or kitchen waste for this purpose. Furthermore, mulch acts like a fertilizer and provides nutrients to your soil.

Many gardeners recommend pruning the Endless Summer hydrangea plants in spring. By pruning, you will get rid of dead stems and make room for new ones. And yes, make sure to space them properly while planting.

Any expert will tell you how overcrowding can harm your Endless Summer hydrangea plants. In an overcrowded environment, all plants have to compete for sunlight, soil nutrients, and water. So, make sure to plant them a few inches apart for their best growth.


need to water them regularly

The Endless Summer hydrangea plants had medium water requirements. You will need to water them regularly, but they will be fine if you skip it for a day or two. And yes, they will need more water during the summer.

Final Verdict

The Endless Summer and Penny Mac are the two most famous varieties of hydrangea plants. Both have similar maintenance requirements and thrive in partially shady areas.

The Endless Summers are a preferred option for many gardeners as they look more attractive. They live up to their name as they bloom the entire season. Having said that, Penny Macs are also quite enchanting and need minimal maintenance.

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