Reusing Coco Coir For Microgreens (Explained)

microgreens reusing coco coir
microgreens reusing coco coir

There are multiple means and methods through which a seed can be grown. As you all may know, microgreens are a type of plant that isn’t fully matured. The biggest advantage of growing microgreens is that it takes little to no time in growing them.

However, they also require extra attention and unique techniques in order for them to grow into healthy plants. Even though the soil is the most common means through which seeds are usually grown, some people prefer other means. Soil mix and coco coir are some other popular means of growing these plants.

Reusing Coco Coir for Microgreens

Usually, growing microgreens in coco coir prove to be quite beneficial. We have already covered how you could benefit from using coco coir as a medium in the previous articles. However, we have seen people asking questions regarding reusing coco coir for growing microgreens.

Simply put, they are asking whether they can use coco coir that has already been used as a medium for growing microgreens. Through this article, we will be explaining in detail all the things that you may need to know about this. So, make sure to stay with us!

Can You Reuse Coco Coir for Microgreens?

If you just want the short version of the answer, then YES, you can reuse coco coir. However, there are some factors that you must know about it before reusing them. You need to understand that you can’t just use old roots of coco coir for growing plants.

The problem is that whenever you use coco coir or any other medium for growth, some roots will have dead materials inside them from the last batch. If you haven’t filtered out the dead materials from the coco’s fibers, you won’t be able to grow microgreens properly.

Hence, what you need to do is to add in advanced nutrients enzymes which will help you clear out the dead root materials. These enzymes help reshape the coco coir, resulting in the growth of a healthier crop.

In case you just reuse coco coir without making use of enzymes, even if you do manage to grow microgreens, they will probably smell and taste very bad. This is why it is incredibly important to filter out all the harmful content from used coco coir. How you can do so is by simply making use of enzymes. We suggest using an Advanced Nutrient hydroponics enzyme formula Sensizym.

Advantages of Reusing Coco Coir:

Following are just some of the advantages that you can benefit from reusing coco coir:

  1. It helps you save both time and the work needed in buying and using coco coir
  2. You will be saving more money
  3. It is a more environmentally friendly method of growing microgreens

The Bottom Line

Are you wondering whether reusing coco coir for growing microgreens is safe? Yes, it is. However, there are some things that you need to know about first. All of them are explained in detail in this article.

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