3 Common Kubota M62 Problems (With Fixes)

kubota m62 problems
kubota m62 problems

Many consumers out there in the market use Kubota Tractors. Because of its good quality and durability. People give these tractors more importance than others do. The Kubota M62 is the most used model out there by people for construction purposes. As many users claim, Kubota M62 problems pop up after some time. So, those problems, with their solutions are mentioned below for you to diagnose your tractors if it faces one amongst these.

How to Solve Kubota M62 Problems

1. Clutch Problems

Many units of Kubota M62 have the issue of the clutch. After just using it for a while, the clutch fails. This problem has only one solution to replace the whole clutch system but this is expensive. So, for this, if your tractor is in a warranty claim it, and let the company fix the problem for you without paying a single penny.

2. Starting Problem

The M62 faces a problem after a few months, that is the engine will not start, or if its starts, it will not stay for too long. The reasons behind this problem are

  • Blockage Of Fuel Lines

Look for the blockage in fuel lines, if there is any that can be opened just tune the pipe. If not replace it with the new one.

  • Air Lock in Fuel Pipes

This problem might be due to air present in fuel lines that will not allow fuel to pass through them easily. Therefore, in this situation, you need to blow some air inside the fuel lines, and then fill the fuel tank full. This will not allow any air to have space and be locked in there, and the problem will be solved.

  • Weak Cranks

If the engine cranks get too weak. Then the engine will not be able to rotate correctly. Which will not allow the tractor’s engine to start. If it even starts, it will shut down immediately after a few minutes. So, for this, you need to repair the engine or replace it, but replacing it with a new one is far better than repairing it. Because repairing has no guarantee, but a new engine has. So, consider replacing it with the new one. While you should go for the original company’s engine, then the one in after-market.

  • Weak Battery

If this is the reason then it is always responsible for the engine not to start in every vehicle. It is because the battery generates and gives the engine that power in a form of current to rotate. If the battery is low then the engine will not rotate perfectly. Therefore, the engine will not start.

3. Engine Overheating Problems

The Kubota M62 engine overheats. The reasons behind that are

  1. Low coolant
  2. Low engine oil
  3. Leakage of coolant
  4. Dirt particles in the radiator’s airflow

If the engine keeps overheating, then it might be due to a low coolant level, top up the coolant and the problem will not appear again.  If that is not the issue then check the engine oil level, if it is lower than the specified requirement then drain it and fill it again with the new one. If the oil and water keep decreasing then the specified requirement.

Then your tractor’s engine is weak. So, get it repaired, or replaced. If the coolant keeps decreasing then it might be due to leakage of the radiator, fix it, then the engine will not heat up. Sometimes, the engine can also heat up if dust and mud are blocking the flow of the radiator’s airflow. SO, clean it and the problem of engine overheating will be solved.


Kubota M62 are reliable tractors, but due to being machine, problems show up. So, every problem should be solved on time, without leaving it. Because it will make tractor not to work perfectly, and due to that more and more problems will pop up.

If any part in your tractor needs to be repaired. Replace it, if you can afford to replace it with a new one because it will give you a guarantee that your tractor will work for more years without any doubt. Do consider replacing it with only the company’s generated parts, rather than after-market one. In case, if you cannot afford it, then claim a warranty, if your tractor is still in warranty.

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