5 Most Common Kubota BX2660 Problems

kubota bx2660 problems
kubota bx2660 problems

Kubota BX2660 is the most reliable and durable tractor in the market. It has proved to be very powerful and is used by many farmers in their fields and dairies for daily use.

Its users have reported some issues with this model after using it for some time because it is a machine, and after aging, machine parts wear out, and they need replacement or maintenance. Doing so will increase the lifetime and efficiency of the engine.

If you are interested in buying this model of Kubota, then you should be aware of Kubota BX2660 problems. Some of the issues reported by the users of this model are listed below.

Kubota BX2660 Problems

  1. Front Tire Leakage Problem

After months or years of using the Kubota BX2660, the front tires start leaking, which is a very common issue because the entire engine weight depends on those tires. It is caused by running the tractor in rough fields, because of which the tires become weak and start leaking.

This issue can be resolved by replacing the tires, which can be too expensive. Although the replacement can be quite expensive, it will increase the tractor’s lifetime and enable you to perform your work easily.

In case you cannot afford to purchase new tires, then there is another way in which you will have to place tire tubes inside those tires. By doing this, the leakage of tires will stop.

  1. Engine Shutdown Problems

Some Kubota BX2660 users have registered this issue while working; the engine shuts down, which can be a headache if the tractor is in daily use and the problem pops up daily.

This problem can result because of the following reasons:

  • The tractor needs tuning, or
  • The timing of the fuel injection pump is incorrect, or
  • The engine is not warmed up before taking it out for work, or
  • The fuel pipe is choked

To solve these issues following steps should be taken:

  • Fuel injection pump timing should be set as required,
  • Clean the fuel injection pipe, or replace it if necessary.
  • Make sure to warm up the engine before taking it out for work. Warming the engine before working increases engine life.
  1. Engine Overheat Problems

Sometimes the engine may overheat, which can be a serious problem and should be resolved as soon as possible because this problem can damage your gas kit or maybe seize the engine.


So, all you need to do is to check the radiator pipe, and if it is leaking replace it, if it needs to be replaced.

Call the mechanic and ask him to clean the radiator. However, cleaning should be done after every 2-3 months. Fill the radiator with coolant, check it every morning before work, and fill it until specified requirements are achieved.

  1. Hydraulics Overheating Problems

After working a lot, sometimes, the hydraulics overheats and stops working. If you are facing this problem, all you need to do is to check the hydraulic fluid. The fluid being used may be the wrong one.

It would help if you used the correct and recommended fluid.

By doing so, the problem will disappear. However, if the right fluid is being used, and the problem still shows up, then all you need to do is check whether the fluid is contaminated. If it turns out to be contaminated, then consider replacing it.

  1. Battery Charging Issues

Sometimes warning lights indicating battery appear on your tractor’s dashboard. This warning light indicates an issue with the tractor’s battery and charging system. This warning should not be neglected; one should act immediately because battery issues can create problems, especially at night.

mower battery

It may fail the headlights. Another consequence of ignoring this warning light can cause the battery and charging system to stop working. This may cause shutting off the engine, power steering, etc.

The reason for this warning light can be:

  1. Faulty battery, which needs to be replaced, or
  2. It can result because of a fault in the wiring system etc.

Other indications of a failing battery can be:

  • The reluctance of an engine to start,
  • Dim headlights.
  1. Fuel Tank Contamination

Kubota BX2660 owners may experience fuel tank contamination problems. This type of contamination occurs when foreign particles, such as dirt or debris, are accidentally introduced into the fuel system and cause clogging or blockages in the fuel system components.

Fuel tank contamination can affect engine performance issues such as hard starts, stalling, or rough running.

One major cause of fuel tank contamination is leaving a fuel filter off for extended periods. When the filter is not installed, debris from the outside environment can easily enter the fuel system and cause clogging or blockages.

Fill Your Fuel Tank

To avoid potential problems, installing a new fuel filter every time the vehicle is serviced is important.

Another common cause of fuel tank contamination on Kubota BX2660s is poor fuel quality. Poor fuel quality can easily introduce dirt and other contaminants into the system, which can clog or block components in the fuel system.

Always use fresh fuel from a reputable source to ensure that your Kubota BX2660 has clean, high-quality fuel.

If you suspect that your Kubota BX2660 has been contaminated with particles, the best solution is to have the system professionally inspected and serviced. During the service, technicians drain out any existing contaminants and replace the filters.

They may also recommend flushing the entire system to ensure no particles remain.

  1. Air Filter Clogging

Kubota BX2660 owners may also experience air filter clogging, which can negatively affect the engine performance. Clogged air filters can cause issues such as hard starts or rough running and sometimes even lead to engine damage.

A common cause of air filter clogging is failing to replace the filter regularly. Air filters should be replaced at least once a year or more often if the engine operates in dusty environments.

Air Filter

Failing to do so can allow dirt and debris to accumulate in the filter, leading to the air intake system clogging.

Another common cause of air filter clogging on Kubota BX2660s is leaving the air filter exposed to the elements.

If the air filter is not properly sealed, dirt and debris can enter the system and clog the air intake over time. To prevent this from occurring, always ensure your Kubota BX2660’s air filter is properly sealed when not in use.

How to maintain the Kubota BX2660 in good condition?

  1. Check the Engine Oil Level: 

Checking and maintaining the engine oil level is an important part of Kubota BX2660 maintenance. Before starting the engine, check to ensure that the oil level is between the two marks on the dipstick. This should be done every time you use your tractor.

If you need to add oil, use only high-quality engine oil specifically made for diesel engines. Be sure to allow the engine to cool down before adding any oil.

  1. Change the Engine Oil: 

You should change the engine oil in your Kubota BX2660 every 100 hours or once a year, whichever comes first. When changing the oil, use high-quality engine oil specifically made for diesel engines. Make sure you dispose of the used oil properly and recycle it when possible.

  1. Replace the Air Filter: 

The air filter should be checked and replaced once a year or every 500 hours, whichever comes first. When replacing the air filter, make sure that the filter is properly sealed to prevent dust and debris from getting into the engine.


  1. Check and Clean Spark Plugs: 

Spark plugs should be checked and cleaned periodically to ensure the optimum performance of your Kubota BX2660 tractor.

The spark plugs should be checked for wear every 500 hours or once a year, whichever comes first. If the spark plugs are worn, they should be replaced.

  1. Check and Clean the Fuel Filter: 

The fuel filter should be checked and cleaned at least every 500 hours or once a year, whichever comes first. This will ensure that your tractor runs efficiently and cleanly by preventing any dirt particles from entering the fuel system.

  1. Sharpen Blades: 

The blades on your Kubota BX2660 should be sharpened regularly to ensure they are cutting efficiently and accurately. This will also reduce wear and tear on your tractor engine and other components. Be sure to use the correct blade-sharpening tools when doing this task.

  1. Grease Moving Parts: 

Your Kubota BX2660 should be lubricated regularly to keep all moving parts operating at their best. Make sure to use high-quality grease specifically made for diesel engines when lubricating any moving parts on your tractor.

This will help reduce wear and tear, as well as extend the life of your tractor.


These were the few problems that may appear in Kubota BX2660 and can be fixed easily by just going through whatever is recommended here, and your tractor will be all good to go and hopefully face no big issues.

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