Choosing Between Komatsu D65 vs Cat D6

komatsu d65 vs cat d6
komatsu d65 vs cat d6

Bulldozers or also known as dozers are large machines that are equipped with a metal blade.

These are used to push materials such as rubble, rocks, sand, snow, and even soil. While the vehicles are designed to be driven on large tracks, you will notice that some brands also manufacture models that can be used off track.

Aside from this, most of the features on these vehicles also depend on the model you purchase.

This is why you must go through the specifications of these vehicles before getting one for yourself. The Komatsu D65 and Cat D6 are two of the best bulldozers that you can purchase.

Both of these models are amazing but there are also some differences between them. This is why we will be using this article to provide you with a comparison of these vehicles.

The Difference Between Komatsu D65 vs Cat D6

Komatsu D65 Cat D6
Engine Hp 205 HP 215 HP
Cylinders 6 6
Seats Straight Angles; better vision
Joystick Manual Power lift
Operating weigh 44,000 to 49,000 lbs 47,000 to 53,000 lbs
Price Expensive Very expensive

Komatsu D65

Komatsu D65 is one of the best bulldozers that you can purchase. This comes with tons of features that allow people to work efficiently.

komatsu d65

You should note that Komatsu is a famous Japanese corporation that is known for manufacturing some of the best equipment for construction and mining. The brand has a huge list of vehicles that you can select from.

Each of these has unique features which might confuse people at first.

Considering this, you should go through the specifications of these vehicles before purchasing them. One easy method that can be used is by visiting the official website for Komatsu once.

The D65 model from Komatsu comes in three variants. Each of these uses different track models on them that you can select from.

Depending on the surface you want to drive your vehicle on, one of these will suit your preferences. The default transmission system on the Komatsu D65 allows the vehicle to select between the different gears on its own.

The bulldozer will then switch between them depending on how much load you want to push, and the power required. The ECMV (Electronic Controlled Modulation Valves) technology allows the vehicle to change gears at a frequency that keeps its power at the max.

On top of having good performance, the bulldozer also has good security features on it.

This includes having a good view over the blade and ripper pint on your vehicle. Finally, the engine used on this model is not only productive, but it also uses energy efficiently. This helps in reducing the operating costs when working on long projects.

Cat D6

The Cat D6 or also known as the Caterpillar D6 is one of the best lineups of bulldozers from the Cat brand. This model is known for being a medium-sized vehicle with a total operating weight range of 18 tons.

cat d6

This might vary slightly but the limit is near this value. Talking about this, you should note that the Cat D6 comes with a horsepower of 215 which makes its engine quite powerful.

When going into features and detailed specifications, people will notice that both of these models are similar.

This is why tons of users get confused between the two bulldozers. One major difference that you will notice is that the Cat D6 comes with a larger fuel tank. This helps the vehicle in lasting about 12 hours after a full tank.

The time is long enough to complete your entire shift without having to worry about refueling the bulldozer. On the other hand, the Komatsu D65 will require you to get it refilled during your project which can be quite annoying to deal with.

On the other hand, the high price of Cat D6 makes it difficult for people to get this model.

Comparing Komatsu d65 and Cat D6


The engine power of both these high-quality bulldozers is similar. While the CatCat operates at 215 horsepower with a lifting capacity ranging from 47,000 lbs to 53,000 lbs, Komatsu has a 205 hp engine with operating weight ranging from 44,000 to 49,000 lbs.

Diesel Engine Crank Over Problem

Both of these bulldozers come with a 6-cylinder engine and help you mobilize heavy material with a fully automatic transmission. Nevertheless, if your work involves lifting and clearing material weighing more than 50,000 lbs, then Cat is the best option.


The comfort of the user, or you may say the driver of the bulldozer, is one important thing to consider when you make a decision to buy one.

The outstanding caterpillar series, including the D6, has a slightly angled driver seat. This allows better perspective and a better view of the field, especially your corner bits on your cutting edge.

Additionally, when you are ripping, this angled seat allows you to perform minimal movement while allowing you to have a wider field of vision.

On Cat D6, you are only required to turn your head for rear vision viewing, while on Komatsu D65, you have a straight seat, and you’d have to turn your head, neck, and back completely to see what you are ripping.

Although this may not seem quite a big deal for some, it can still be a defining factor for those who prefer ease and comfort at work.

Considering the interior and space, both the bulldozers allow quality comfort and ease of use, but if you are choosing depending on the seat alignment, Cat D6 is the best choice.

Spare Parts and Warranty 

warranty claim

Another important thing we consider while comparing the two high-quality, efficient dozers is the availability of their spare parts and the warranty company offers.

North America has a lot of spare parts available for Cat D6, which puts it higher on the list than Komatsu D65. In addition, many other companies make the aftermarket parts of Caterpillar and the Cat D6The more the availability of spare parts, the better it is.

It can be understandable in terms of accidents, damage, and wear and tear of the hardware of other parts of the bulldozers that would be left useless if not replaced well on time.

While both companies offer 24 months, a 2-year limited warranty, Cat is a better option in the long run due to its low maintenance cost and high resale value.


The design of both these well-structured bulldozers is significantly different from one another. Hence this may also serve as a determiner for you while choosing between Komatsu D65 and Cat6.

Komatsu D 65 has a low drive, while CAT D6 is a high drive unit.

The Cat D6 has been designed as a high-drive unit to take the actual machine weight off the final drive and transfer that weight to the track frame and undercarriage components; this, in turn, saves a lot of wear and tear on the final drive and the planetary system inside.

Although this may be compromised with Komatsu D65 low drive unit, people usually prefer running Komatsu over Cats because of its low drive that has better stability and balance.


The key component, the joystick in all the bulldozers, and the pilot-operated hydraulics offer precision and better control of the entire unit. It functions to move the bulldozer in the direction you wish to clear the ground from.

Through this joystick, you can turn such a giant machine without any extra effort and getting fatigued, and hence, one must know what type and ease their joystick are and give.

For the blade control on Komatsu D65, you have a joystick, and for angling your blade, you have to repeatedly turn and move that joystick with your hand.

Using a joystick with continuous wrist movement would be troublesome and problematic on your wrist and arm. In contrast, manually operating joystick Cat has the best style blade.

It works on the new system called the power tilt and comes with a little thumb switch at the top side of it, which makes the operations a lot easier and with comparatively less movement at your wrist.

Additionally, the calves of Caterpillar are a lot easier, more comfortable, and better for operators.

Knowing the work you must do in a day, you can decide which one will fit you best. Although both are pretty good at performing the tasks, the power tilt joystick of Cat gives more comfort and ease, especially in long-term projects.

The Bottom Line

Keeping the information provided above in mind, you can easily determine which model of a bulldozer will suit you better.

If you are still confused, then you can also consider what your budget is. Both companies also come with a warranty service that can be used in case of any problems.

People can get free replacements for damaged parts, but you must go through the warranty guidelines once. A copy of these can be found online on the official website of the company

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