4 Approaches For Fixing John Deere 9650 STS Problems

john deere 9650 sts problems
john deere 9650 sts problems

John Deere is an American corporation that manufactures agricultural and forestry machinery together with heavy machinery including diesel engines, drivetrains, and lawn equipment.

Moreover, John Deere manufactures the STS units for its customers and the most loved one by the clients among all the units is the 9650 STS unit.

It is justifiable as this STS unit is one of the most remarkable pieces of farming equipment built by John Deere American Corporation with a 290 horsepower PowerTechTM engine and a 250-bushel grain engine, which gives you a smooth and comforting experience.

This versatile harvesting combine equipped with remarkable John Deere engineering is durable and ensures the most efficient harvesting of your rice soya beans, barley, canola, coriander, oats, peas, and so many more crops.

However, like any other machine, it’s not without its problems.

There are a few issues that some of the users reported in the John Deere 9650 STS combine and if you are also one of the users who faced these John Deere 9650 STS problems then you have landed in the right place.

In this article, we will discuss a few common problems with the 9650 STS unit and a complete guideline for how to address and fix those problems.

Common John Deere 9650 STS Problems

  1. Starting Problem

The issue of the 9650 STS unit not starting up has been faced by quite a few consumers of John Deere. You would be pleased to know that it is not a big problem and you can resolve it simply by inspecting a few things that might be the cause.

It could be your unit’s low, lose, or corroded batteries, blown fuse, disturbed wiring, increased oil viscosity, starter solenoid connector pulled off or corroded, or a faulty neutral start switch that may cause the STS 9650 to not start or start slowly.

Engine Not Starting

You would need to quickly assess each one of them to find out what’s causing your system that starts problems. It is most commonly caused due to the wiring problem in this unit so start with that.

You can fix this problem easily by just inspecting the wiring and solenoids of the tractor.

During scrutiny of all the wiring points if you find any loose joints in the wiring then tape them up and you are good to go.

On the other hand, if wiring is not the reason that is causing this problem then inspect the solenoids, they could either be pulled off or corroded.

You can push them back in place or replace any of them that has abraded, this will solve the starting up problem and you can happily continue harvesting your crops. Another entity to be checked is the oil of your tractor.

It is essential to get your oil replaced after every 3-4 months. If you lose track and don’t get it changed timely, the viscosity of the oil would be increased and it will cause your tractor to start slowly at first and eventually not start at all.

oil viscosity

Get your oil exchanged timely to prevent yourself from getting into this problem.

Lastly, check the startup switch and batteries, if the batteries are loose, fixing them in place would solve the starting problem, otherwise, if they have corroded over time due to changing weather conditions and have died or you find the startup switch to be faulty, you will have to get them replaced by the nearest customer service center to get your combine starting issues resolved.

  1. Indicator Problem

The users of John Deere 9650 STS also complained about the indicator problem in this unit.

The users mentioned that the indicators stop working after some time and because of that they cannot drive the tractor on highways as driving there without indicators is a high-risk task.

Indicator Issues

Thus, this problem can cause] a hurdle in the work and disturb the schedules they have already set. Therefore, the reason behind this problem needs to be addressed as soon as possible.

It is again a very easy task to look for what is causing your indicator to not work. You can start easily by inspecting the wiring and all the electrical components of the tractor.

Firstly, start the inspection of the indicator wiring of the tractor and if you find any defect like a broken, bent, or burned wire you will have to get it replaced with a new one.

Secondly, the indicator problem can also be generated if the fuses in the fuse circuit box are defective.

Hence, if this is the case then replace the defective fuses, you may need to replace the complete circuit box if you notice the burnt fuse has done extensive damage.

Fix Fuses

Replacing it with a new one can get your problems fixed.

Moreover, the indicator problem can also be caused if the bulb or the indicator is not working. If these are the cases then replace them as soon as possible.

  1. Electrical Problem

Aside from the indicator problem, the users faced electrical issues in this unit. As we know this is one of the most annoying problems that you can face in this unit.

The users experienced that all the electrical components of the tractor stopped working.

The disappointing point is that many users ran into this problem soon after buying this unit. Therefore, the reason behind this problem needs to be addressed.

This problem is often related to the wiring or the control unit of the tractor.

Defective switches or wiring problems

You can fix this problem easily by inspecting the wiring of the tractor, and if there is any defect in the wiring, a bent or a broken wire, replace it with a new one. By doing this the problem should fix.

On the other hand, if this doesn’t solve the problem and you are still stuck, and the wiring is not the case then all you need to do is to inspect the control unit of the tractor.

It is because, if there is any malfunction in it then the electrical components of the tractor will not operate, and you will run into this problem.

If the control unit is the reason, then all you have to do is to replace the whole unit. It is important to get it replaced by the authorized dealership as any low-quality control system can make your problems even worse.

If you get it at a low cost from some local seller it may work in the start but eventually, after some time, you’ll have to bear all the old same problems again.


Although the original control units are quite expensive in the market, it is better to invest once in a good quality product for a long-time benefit instead of some average product that requires more maintenance and doesn’t even sustain for longer times, costing you extra money, time, and effort.

Another way is to claim your warranty for your tractor if your control unit wears off in the first year, your company will replace it for free and you can start harvesting your favorite crops again.

  1. Warning Lights Problem

The warning lights problem in this unit is also very common as it is reported by most of the users. This problem is caused if there is any malfunction in the tractor.

Whatever the disturbance in the JD STS 9650 combine, your warning lights would turn on red.

Warning Lights For Indicating Engine Temperature

The red warning light may seem annoying to you but it’s a good thing, as this signals you about some malfunction in your tractor that you can fix on time to keep yourself from the exhaustion of solving bigger issues that it may cause if not resolved on time.

An easy way to address this problem quickly is by just attaching the OBD2 scanner to your JD STS 9650 tractor. When you attach the scanner, it will generate a code that will be displayed on the screen of the scanner.

After the code is generated match the code with the owner’s manual. Each code has its diagnosis of the problem, for instance, code A00 indicates Engine Control Unit Diagnostic Trouble CodesC03 – Corner post Control Unit Diagnostic Trouble Codes, and similarly many others.

This way you can easily find out the actual problem by comparing the codes in the tractor with the user manual that is causing the warning light to turn on. Ensure that you get the problem solved on time to prevent any worsening.

Resolving the issue would result in the warning light turning off, and you’ll not get distracted while you harvest crops from your field.


If you are experiencing any other issues that are not listed and addressed here, then a recommended step would be to contact the professionals and experts from the nearby service station to look through your STS combine and guide you through.

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  1. my 9650 sts had problems header would shut off but would always start back up then other problems started to show up. turn the flashers on would drop to ideal , make a lone store short replaced the pos bat cable all problems gone for three years now.


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