How To Make A Cold Frame For Raised Garden Bed (Guide)

how to make a cold frame for raised garden bed
how to make a cold frame for raised garden bed

Agriculture has been helping mankind from the beginning of time and there are no second thoughts about its importance. However, with the development of technology in every field along with agriculture, we are getting our hands on some great techniques that help us improve the production capacity and health of all the different sorts of crops and plants out there.

Cold framing is one such thing and there are different ways to get it done. However, you need to understand the concept of cold frames first in order to ensure that you can do it right.

How to Make a Cold Frame for Raised Garden Bed

Cold Frame

A cold frame is a term that is used for most of the agricultural applications out there to protect them from adverse weather conditions. It is built at a low height, usually closer to the ground so it doesn’t create the greenhouse effect.

Not only that but is also kept transparent most of the times using the glass or fiberglass so the light can pass through it and plants don’t have to face any such problems with the strong winds, hailstorm or rain. With the cold frame, plants can also get the light that is required for their nutrition as well.

How to make it for a raised garden bed?

The raised garden bed is pretty easy to be turned into a cold frame. You already have the height that is needed for the glass to be there and all you need to do is make sure that you are placing some recycled windows, doors, or other glass windows with a frame over the cold frame bed that is already there to make it a cold frame and that should be enough to save the plants that you have from all the different sort of harsh weather conditions.

However, if you would like to do it from the scratch, you need to consider the height of your raised garden bed and the plants that are planted there.

You will have to keep in mind that these plants will need some space to grow as well, so you should be calculated that according to the height that these plants will have when they are fully grown. Once you get those numbers, you will also need to ensure that you are leaving some extra space on the top as well for the plants to not get damaged.

Once you sort that part out, you can move forward with ensuring that you are getting the frame built of some insulator such as plastic or wood. After that, you can get the fiberglass or glass panels made for the sides and the top of the cold frame that you have made.

This will be helping you out perfectly and after that there is nothing that you will have to be worried about. You will need to keep them clean and leave the space for ventilation in them as well and that is going to help you out perfectly in raising your plants right.

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