French Drain in Front of Retaining Wall: Factors To Consider

french drain in front of retaining wall
french drain in front of retaining wall

There are a lot of landscaping techniques that can be used to beautify your garden. If you don’t have a small budget and want to develop the perfect structure, then hire a landscaping team. This team of professionals will do a far better and reliable job without any issues. The only drawback is that you will have to pay a hefty amount.

Recently many people have been asking about the French drain system in front of the retaining wall. So, let’s cover this concept briefly to better develop your understanding.

French Drain in Front of Retaining Wall

A common mistake that many people do while building a retaining wall is that they won’t develop any water drainage system. Due to a lack of this water drainage system, you will often notice retaining walls bending at a slight angle. This issue can create many problems for the overall structure. So, it is crucial to install a French drain in front of the retaining wall to minimize this issue. It shouldn’t be too difficult to install the drainage system in the front of the retaining wall even if you’re not an expert.

All you need is a perforated pipe, gravel, and perforated fabric. Your primary objective with the French drain should be to link the drain with the weep holes. To do this, you might have to clear out some dirt in front of the retaining wall. After the weep holes are easily accessible, you can start with lying down the filter fabric on the ground and then lay your perforated pipe on top of the fabric. This fabric will ensure that the holes on your pipe don’t clog up and the drain keeps working efficiently.

After installing the perforated pipe, you need to ensure that the drainage holes are pointing downwards. Otherwise, you won’t be able to achieve any success after installing this system. Once the pipe is set, you can put your gravel on top of the perforated pipe and then fold the filter fabric on top before adding in the dirt.

Doing this will not only add to the integrity of the overall structure, but you won’t have to ever worry about heavy rain damaging the retaining wall. With that said, if you’re inexperienced and don’t know how to begin, try hiring a landscaping team and they will fix your garden for you.

To Conclude

The French drain system is necessary to help gardeners maintain the integrity of their retaining wall. Luckily, it is not that difficult to install a French drain and you need only a few days’ worths of work to install this drain. Depending upon the size of your garden, it can help if you can hire an extra pair of hands. That way, the work will be done much sooner.

After the French drain is installed in front of the retaining wall, you no longer have to worry about the excessive water pressure because of rain. The drain will direct all the water towards the weep holes if you’ve installed the system correctly.

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