Do Plants Need Sleep? (Explained)

do plants need sleep
do plants need sleep

As plants are living organisms, it is vital to take care of them. Not only is it important to make sure that you water your plants regularly, but they also need to be placed at an ideal spot where they get enough sunlight to grow.

Do Plants Need Sleep?

Just like a human being, plants also have certain things that make them alive. Regarding the behavior of a plant, we have seen users ask the question of whether plants require any kind of sleep.

In case you are also someone who has been wondering “Do plants need sleep?”, then this article should be of great help to you! Using the article, we will be taking a look at all the details that you will need to learn in order to know more about this. So, let’s not waste any time further, and get right into it!

Is It True?

For all those wondering whether plants need sleep, yes, they do. Similar to a normal human, plants also need water, food, and sleep in order to grow into healthy plants. We humans follow a circadian rhythm in a 24-hour schedule that heavily depends on the behavior of the sun.

When the sun is up, we feel active and perform all our daily tasks. However, as the sun starts setting down, we may start getting sleepy. During our sleep, we release hormone production and other biological functions.

 In a similar way, plants also seem to follow a certain circadian rhythm that has an effect on their behavior. Even though when talking about humans, a circadian rhythm is responsible for our feeling of hunger, being tired, or energetic. But for plants, a circadian rhythm decides when the plant will move its leaves, close or open its flowers, or even when they will release its fragrance.

It is also important to mention that these plants stop their photosynthesis process during the night. As plants usually snack on sunlight during the day, they are busy metabolizing all the energy they have absorbed at night. By the time the next morning reaches, these plants have successfully made 95 percent of the starch reserve into sugar, which provides enough nutrition to help the plant grow.

The growth hormone released by plants at nighttime is also known as auxin, which is crucial for flower development and the general growth of a plant. So, technically, these plants do undergo a process that is awfully similar to that of what we’d like to call sleeping during the night.

The Bottom Line:

Do plants really need sleep? You’d be surprised to know that the behavior of a plant during the night is awfully similar to that of a human being. When the night hits, these plants start metabolizing and convert most of their starch into sugar which contributes to their growth.


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  1. Its worth looking into getting LED ‘sleep initiators’ which are of the far red spectrum,also its worth looking into “The Emerson Effect’ which is increased photosynthesis from using lights of the 660nm spectrum & the 730nm spectrum,good for side lighting.They say 15 minutes of the 660nm & 730 with the main light on,then 15 minutes of the main light off. So 30 minutes before lights off,then 15 minutes wake up in the morning.


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