4 Reasons Why Cosmos Not Flowering

Cosmos Not Flowering
Cosmos Not Flowering

Cosmos are flowering plants that are from the genus also named cosmos. These are from the family of sunflowers which is why there are tons of similarities between the two plants. The flowers are usually found in shades of pink and red which gives most gardens a unique look. The plant is quite beautiful to look at and it is also quite easy to keep healthy. This is why tons of users including beginners think about planting them in their gardens.

Fixing Cosmos Not Flowering

While this can be amazing, you should note that there are also some problems that you can get with these flowers. When it comes to this, some users have been reporting that their cosmos are not flowering. If you are running into the same issue, then going through this article should help you in finding some reasons behind it. We will also be providing you with steps that can be used to deal with the problems so that you can keep your flowers healthy.

  1. Planting Old Seeds

When planting flowers like the cosmos, a huge problem that you can run into is that these are not flowering. There are several reasons why this can happen which is why understanding the problem first can be important. As long as you know what is causing the issue, steps can be taken to avoid it in the future as well as fix the problem.

One of the most common reasons behind this problem is that you are trying to plant old seeds. If this is true, then your cosmos will most likely not blossom. This can be quite annoying to deal with, but this is why it is so important that you check your seeds before sowing them.

When it comes to storing your seeds for a long time, it can be important that you keep these away from moisture and sunlight. If this is not done, then your seeds will become useless. In case your problem was from old seeds, the only solution that you can go with is to purchase new ones.

  1. Weather Conditions Around The Plant

Another reason why your cosmos might not be flowering can be the weather conditions around them. When it comes to this, people should understand that their plants have some requirements that need to be kept in check. Cosmos is a variety that will only stay healthy if left dry.

If the plant goes through long durations of cold and wet weather, then there is a high chance that it will never flower. Keeping this in mind, keeping them warm during these temperatures and seasons can be essential. There are several ways to do this which include moving the plant indoors.

If this is not possible then you can keep the flowers under long hours of sunlight. The heat from the sun should be enough to keep your plant healthy during these seasons.

  1. Watering The Flowers

The amount of water being poured on your soil is another important factor that needs to be kept in check. When it comes to this, people should make a habit of watering their flowers regularly. Though the amount of liquid being used should only be enough to keep the soil moist.

If you add too much water to your cosmos flowers, then this will start to collect inside the soil. This can slowly start to gather which suffocates the roots of your plant as well as causes tons of problems with it. The best way to avoid it is by having a drainage system in your garden. Although, if this is not present then you will have to manually keep a check over your plants.

  1. Cosmos Lacking Nutrients

Finally, the last reason why your plants might not be flowering can be due to a lack of nutrients. These are mostly fulfilled by the amount of water and light being received by the plants. However, if your soil did not have sufficient minerals then this problem can easily occur.

Luckily, the solution is quite easy as the only thing you have to do is add fertilizers to the soil. Make sure that these are added carefully and after every 3 weeks. If this is kept up then the results will stay consistent and your problem will be fixed within a few days at most.

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