Can You Grow Lentils from The Grocery Store? (Guide)

can you grow lentils from the grocery store
can you grow lentils from the grocery store

Lentils are rich in nutrition and can be used in a high protein diet. These are perfect for individuals who pursue a fitness lifestyle want to introduce more flavor to the diet. Aside from being incredibly delicious, Lentil’s recipes are pretty easy to prepare. So, if you don’t have enough time to prepare the meals, Lentils might be the perfect food for you. Recently we have noticed many gardeners asking about whether or not can you grow lentils from the grocery store. Let’s go over this topic briefly to give you a better understanding.

Can You Grow Lentils from The Grocery Store?

Yes, Dried lentils from a grocery store can be planted in your garden as long as they are not infected with any disease. To inspect the lentils, you need to look at the pattern on the seeds. If you notice any dark or brown spots on the lentils, these lentils are likely infected, and you should avoid planting them in your garden. Other than that, it can be somewhat simple to plant lentils and encourage their growth by planting them in rich soil.

To grow lentils from the grocery store, you need first to get the seeds to sprout. A few essential items like a colander, a water container, and a towel should be enough to grow lentils from dried seeds. To start the sprouting process, put some water in a bowl and then soak the lentils seeds in the water bowl for 24 hours. After the 24 hours are over, you will notice the size of lentils will increase quite a bit. At this stage, move the lentils from the water bowl to a colander with small holes at the bottom.

Put the empty water container under the colander and pour water on the seeds until thoroughly soaked. Leave the water in the colander for a few minutes, and then lift the colander to drain the water out. Then remove leftover water from the container and put the colander back in its place. Use a towel to cover the top of the colander to boost the sprouting process.

Repeat this process twice every day, and you will notice sprouts coming from the seeds on the third day. The harvesting process can start at this stage, and you should not wait more than seven days to plant the sprouted lentils in your garden. Hopefully, this helps you grow lentils from the grocery store.

To Conclude

You can quickly grow lentils from the grocery store as long as the seeds are free of any infections. After buying dried lentils from the market, use a colander and an empty water container to get the seeds to sprout. This process will take seven days at max, and your sprouts should be long enough to be planted in the garden.

Once you’re confident in the size of your lentil’s sprouts, plant them in your garden. Keep track of their requirements for adequate growth. This process is pretty simple. Even beginners should be able to follow along easily. You can also seek guidance from your local experts on how to grow lentils from the grocery store.

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