4 Fixes For AeroGarden Red Light Flashing

aerogarden red light flashing
aerogarden red light flashing

Gardeners enjoy planting different varieties inside their gardens for numerous reasons.

These can either be to make their house look attractive while some people might have fruits, herbs, and vegetables that can be harvested.

Whatever the case might be, you will notice beginners trying out gardening as well.

This is a fun hobby, but it can also take a lot of time if you are trying to get good-quality harvests.

Considering this, companies like AeroGarden have come up with devices that allow people to plant different varieties even if they don’t have any gardening knowledge.

The main reason why these devices are getting so popular is that they can grow plants on their own as long as you keep them powered up.

While the home growing systems from AeroGarden are amazing and reliable to use, some problems can be found with them.

Recently, users have been reporting that their AeroGarden device shows a red flashing light.

If you are running into a similar problem, then going through this article should help you in finding some troubleshooting steps that can be used to fix the problem.

Fixing AeroGarden Red Light Flashing:

  1. AeroGarden Device Running Low On Water

The AeroGarden home growing system is not only a device that allows you to grow plants indoors, but it also uses a hydroponic system to achieve this.

The main reason why this is good is that the technology allows the device to save a lot of water while growing harvests.

When talking about this, people should note that a hydroponic system can save up to 80% water when comparing it to a standard garden.

This is also why tons of users have been switching to this technique rather than using soil. Though, the only downside is that there are also some limitations.

soil wet

When growing plants in your garden, the only thing people have to do is keep the soil moist. This can be easily achieved automatically by installing a sprayer and drainage system.

On the other hand, the AeroGarden home growing system constantly circulates water inside it to keep the plants healthy.

When using a system like this, you should note that the plants being kept will start to droop and even die if the water content starts running low.

This is the main reason why AeroGarden has equipped its home growing system with a red light that starts flashing once this happens.

With that being said, people can understand that the solution is generally quite simple.

The only thing they have to do is fill up the water reservoir on their home growing system so that the plants have enough liquid to survive. In most cases, the problem can be simply fixed using this method.

  1. AeroGarden Might be Running Low On Plant Food

Just like the step mentioned above, the AeroGarden home growing system also uses plant food to keep the varieties healthy.

If this starts running low, then it can also cause the same red light to start flashing. Though, you should note that this was only the case with older models of the device.

New lineups coming out now have separate lights for water and food so that people do not get confused.


These can also notify you whenever you are running low on either one of the sources. This is done by connecting your home growing system to your Wi-Fi connection.

Getting back to the problem at hand, people can mostly fix the issue using the same step as before.

As long as the plant food compartment on your device is filled up, the light should stay switched off. Just ensure that the food being used is compatible with the current plants you have.

  1. LED Lights Might Be Glitching

Sometimes people notice that the red light on their AeroGarden device stays on even after they have refilled both their water and plant food compartments.

If you are also getting the same problem, then try waiting for some time. The light can sometimes take a few minutes to shut down.

However, if you notice that the LED is still on then it might be glitching out.

This usually happens when people keep the AeroGarden home growing system running for several days or even weeks. The constant usage starts clogging the memory on the device, causing it to run into issues.

light bulbs

Luckily, the problem can be avoided by giving your AeroGarden device some rest every day.

You can shut down the device or set it to “Sleep Mode” during the night. This helps in keeping the memory on your device free, resulting in the problem never appearing.

Though, if you somehow still get the issue then your only option is to reset the lights. The process for this is simple as the only thing you need to do is hold down the “Light” button for 10 seconds. The lights should blink several times after which they will turn back on indicating that the system has reset.

  1. Clogged or Damaged Sensors

Finally, if you are still getting the red-light flashing problem with your AeroGarden device then there is something wrong with its light sensors.

This is quite rare but there is still a chance of the problem appearing if you have been using the home growing system for a long time.

People can generally avoid the issue by cleaning their AeroGarden device after every few months.

The best time is usually once the harvests die, and you have to plant new ones. Deeply cleaning the tank beforehand ensures that the sensors stay working in the best possible condition.

If you notice that these are already clogged, then simply clean them using a soft cloth. If this is still not working, then the sensors might have gotten damaged.

The only way to fix the issue then is by replacing the sensors with new ones. These are usually available at most stores affiliated with the brand.

You can either order these from AeroGarden and then install them on your own. Alternatively, you can send in your home growing system back to the brand and get it fixed from them.

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  1. No matter what I do (except taking it apart) the red light/ add water warning keeps blinking. Haven’t had the problem before. I don’t need a warning light as I check it daily. Does it hurt anything to just let it blink? Water level is fine and nutrients are up to snuff.


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