5 Best AeroGarden Liquid Plant Food Alternatives

aerogarden liquid plant food alternative
aerogarden liquid plant food alternative

AeroGarden is a famous brand that is known for its home growing systems that can be kept indoors.

These devices allow people to plant different varieties that will be kept healthy by the device. The only thing that you have to do is keep the water and food compartments filled up.

This can be easy as the devices also notify you once the water or food level starts dropping. Keep in mind that some additional things should be kept in mind as well.

The plant food that you can use for your plants should be supported by the variety.

AeroGarden usually provides plant food that can be used but there are tons of other options that can be used. People might think about going for another option in some cases.

This can either be due to availability issues or because they want to use another type of plant food.

Whatever the case might be, we will be using this article to provide you with a list of alternatives that can be used instead of the AeroGarden liquid plant food.

When it comes to this, your choice can easily vary so make sure that you go through all the substitutes before deciding on one.

AeroGarden Liquid Plant Food Alternative:

  1. EZ-Gro Liquid Plant Food for AeroGarden

ez go liquid plant food

EZ-Gro is one of the best liquid plant foods that can be used inside the AeroGarden growing system.

The main thing that you need to keep in mind is that not every plant food will work. This is because these have to be supported by a hydroponic system.

EZ-Gro can be used in AeroGarden as well as other similar smart garden models which takes out the worry of having to look for products that might be supported.

On top of this, the solution comes in different size options which allows you to get one that suits you best.

The nutrient content inside the product can be used for vegetables, fruits, and even flowers. On top of this, the fertilizers also boost seed starting speeds which can be useful.

The container also comes with a dispenser cup with ml markings so that you can pour the food easily.

  1. Zukool FloraNova Grow

flora nova

Zukool is another brand that is known for producing some of the best plant food for its users.

The company has a wide lineup of products that can be bought and each of them comes with unique features. The FloraNova lineup from them works best for devices like AeroGarden.

This includes the FloraNova Grow, FloraNova Bloom, as well as several other products.

The Bloom solution works great for flowers while the liquid Grow is better for most plants. Keep in mind that the solution has tons of nutrients so it should be added carefully.

Depending on the variety you have planted as well as the number of pods, the solution should be used in control.

You can also purchase different size options for the brand. This allows people to purchase a smaller bottle that can be used to test out the plant food.

  1. Botanicare Cal-Mag Plus Plant Supplement

cal mag

The Cal-Mag solution from Botanicare is another famous product that can be used as plant food.

This is a supplement used to boost the growth of varieties and ensure that they stay healthy. Keep in mind that this should be mixed with water before using it helps the product in performing better.

When using the Cal-Mag solution with AeroGarden, the solution is mixed with water automatically which makes it even better.

The calcium and magnesium content inside the product allows the plants to get rid of their deficiencies easily.

The amount of solution used varies depending on the variety you are growing. The chart for the required amounts is provided on the bottle of the solution which makes it easier for people to check.

As long as keep this under control, the plants in your home growing system should stay healthy.

  1. Miracle-Gro LiquaFeed All-Purpose Plant Food


Miracle-Gro is a famous brand that is mostly known for its plant food and fertilizers.

The company has been manufacturing these products for a long time which is why they have a large lineup to choose from. The LiquaFeed from them is one of the best products that you can purchase.

This is equipped with tons of nutrients that can keep most varieties healthy without any worries.

While the plant food is mainly designed to be used in standard gardens with soil, you should note that it works great with AeroGarden as well.

You can use this along with the Universal Feeder from Miracle-Gro or separately depending on the variety planted.

The feed can be used every week or two but make sure that you don’t too much of it. This is because the nutrients can easily kill your plants if used in excess.

  1. General Hydroponics MaxiGro Nutrient Fertilizer


General Hydroponics is another brand that mainly produces fertilizers that can be used in home-growing systems.

When it comes to this brand, several products can be bought. All of this works great but the best option that you have is easily the MaxiGro solution.

This comes in small packs that can be used for a few weeks or you can purchase the larger pack. This should easily last you several months which is enough for most varieties growing inside AeroGarden.

Just like the other plant food options, the quantity of this fertilizer should also be kept under control.

You should note that all of the plant food should also be easily available in most stores.

You can even purchase these online so there should not be any worries about availability. Though the prices can vary so make sure that you keep this in mind when selecting a product.

People can mostly go through all the options first and then decide. This helps in ensuring that they purchase a product that will last them a long time without any issues.

Your personal preference plays a huge role so make sure that you stay cautious.

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