4 Quick Solutions To AeroGarden 3SL Not Bubbling

aerogarden 3sl not bubbling
aerogarden 3sl not bubbling

AeroGarden is a brand known for its plant-growing systems. The company has come up with tons of models over the years, all of which are equipped with unique features.

The main aim of these devices is to allow people to grow plants indoors without having to keep a check on them.

You can select from a variety of plants that can be used inside these devices, but the number of options can sometimes vary depending on the model.

This is why it is important that you select the device carefully as tons of problems can be avoided later on.

Talking about this, the AeroGarden 3SL is one of the most popular lineups from the brand.

This is a smaller-sized gardening system that can hold only 3 plants at a time. People trying to grow small herbs or flowers usually go for this model as it is more than enough.

While the device can be amazing, you should note that there are also some problems that it can run into. Users have reported that their AeroGarden 3SL is not bubbling.

If you are running into a similar issue, then going through this article should help you in finding some troubleshooting steps.

Fixing AeroGarden 3SL Not Bubbling:

  1. Pump Might Be Switched Off

The AeroGarden 3SL is a smaller variant of the standard plant growing system that most people are aware of. You should note that most of the features on these two models are the same.

power on

This includes hydroponic technology as well which allows plants to grow without soil.

Having water circulating inside the device and keeping your varieties healthy can be amazing.

Though, one of the most common issues people report with this model is that it is not bubbling. The main reason behind this can be that your growing system is not producing enough pressure.

The device is equipped with a pump that is responsible for producing bubbles and ensuring that the water circulates through it.

If the pump is shut down, then there will be no bubbles and the water will stay in its place. This can be quite dangerous for the varieties you have planted as these can die.

Considering this, people should ensure that they keep their pumps working at all times.

The only thing that you need to do is plug the power cable for the AeroGarden 3SL inside an outlet and then switch the device on. If the pump is still shut down, then access the settings to switch it on.

  1. AeroGarden 3SL Might Be On Sleep Mode

One of the unique features found on newer models from AeroGarden is the “sleep mode”. This can be quite useful as your plants don’t need access to heat and food at all times.

Considering this, you can put the device on this mode while it is not required to save power.

sleep mode

Sleep mode also allows the device to last a much longer time as it keeps the system switched off for 12 hours.

You can alter this depending on the variety planted as some plants might require additional sunlight and plant food.

Talking about this, you should note that this feature can also be the reason behind your problem. This is because the date and time of the device not being set up mean that it might mistake mornings for the night.

This can cause the system to shut down during the day making you think that the pump is off.

The fix for this problem is quite simple as the only thing you need to do is access the settings on your device.

This should allow you to set up the date and time properly so that the issue does not appear again. You can even sync the timings with your mobile for feasibility.

  1. Pump Might Be Clogged

While the AeroGarden 3SL requires people to use freshwater inside the tank, it is quite common that your liquid might have some impurities.

Aside from this, algae and similar bacteria can also form inside the water if it is not changed regularly.

The small particles inside the debris and algae will slowly enter your growing system’s parts until these get clogged.

Unfulfilled Water and Light Needs

People can usually prevent the problem by taking precautions and cleaning their devices properly after every few months.

Though, if you are already running into the problem then two methods can be used to fix it.

The first one involves removing the bowl and tank on your AeroGarden 3SL and then letting it get cleaned inside your dishwasher. Just make sure that you keep the heat and dryness levels low.

The second solution that you can go with is adding a mixture of water and bleach to your device. This should only be used when the growing system does not have any plants.

The mixture should remove most of the dirt from your device but make sure that you rinse it properly afterwards.

After this is done, people should use a soft towel to dry the parts and ensure that all of the debris has been removed from the pump.

Using warmer water can be much better as this helps in softening the debris so that it can come off easily.

  1. Faulty or Damaged Pump

In most cases, the steps mentioned above are enough to fix the problem you are getting with your AeroGarden 3SL.

Though, if you notice that the pump is still not working and there are no bubbles inside the device then there is a high chance that your pump might have gotten damaged, or is faulty.

Mechanical Damages

Trying to confirm this can be quite technical but if you are interested then start by removing the pump.

You can then power it up using batteries and check the resistance ratings using a voltmeter. If the pump is faulty then this should be replaced with a new one.

People who are feeling hesitant to check the pump on their own should contact the support team for AeroGarden.

The team should help them in identifying the problem and then provide them with a solution that can be used.

If the pump is faulty then AeroGarden should be able to provide you with the replacement parts.

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