Zinnia vs Marigold – Which To Plant?

zinnia vs marigold
zinnia vs marigold

Flowers come in tons of varieties that people can select from. These determine the shape, size, and color options of your plants as well as several other characteristics. Hence, going through the specifications of flowers before deciding which one to get can be important. Marigolds and Zinnia are both similar plants that most gardeners think about planting on their grounds. This is because of how beautiful these make their gardens.

Additionally, the flowers are easy to maintain which allows people to keep them healthy. This can be amazing, but tons of people also get confused between the two species. When it comes to this, you must understand the differences between these flowers so that you can decide which one to get. Considering this, we will be using this article to provide you with a comparison between the famous flowers, zinnia, and marigold.

Zinnia vs Marigold


Zinnia is a famous genus of plants from the Hellantheae tribe. This falls under the family of Asteraceae and the flowers are native to the Southwestern United States. These stretch from here to South America and different types of the variety can be found in Mexico. The flowers are quite popular, and tons of people plant them in their gardens.

Additionally, the flowers can last a long time without any proper maintenance. The main thing that you need to keep in mind is the spot where your flowers are planted. Keep in mind that these plants stay best in warm environments. Although, the seasons and temperature range that zinnia can be grown in is quite small compared with marigolds.

Other than this one similarity between the two flowers is their shape and color scheme. Both of these look quite similar and people can often confuse them for the same plant. However, when you observe the flowers, you will notice that the color options of zinnia are much wider. This gives people a larger selection of plants to choose from that can be amazing.

Zinnia flowers have bright colors that variate between red, maroon, and cream. Though, there are tons of other shades that include orange, pink, lavender, red, purple, yellow, and salmon. Finally, you should note that these are annual flowers that grow throughout the year. The plant will last you a few years easily if taken proper care of. However, when it comes to the flowers on Zinnia, these will only stay blooming while the plant is in season.


Marigolds are another famous type of flower that is from the family of sunflowers. These come in various types that you can select from. Though, this makes people confused when trying to select what flower to purchase. With that being said, you can go through the different varieties carefully to choose the flowers that will look best in your garden.

There are a few color options that you can select from, and marigolds can be planted as both annuals and perennials. Although, this depends on what the weather conditions in your area are as these will affect the condition of your plants. With that being said, there are also some requirements for these flowers that people should remember.

This includes keeping them under sunlight for 6 hours every day to ensure the flowers are kept healthy. Additionally, you have to plant marigolds in well-drained soil. This is important because water collecting over the soil can damage its roots. While these two things are enough to keep your marigolds blooming, another requirement that you need to take care of is the soil.

This has to be fertilized while the plant is still growing as it requires tons of nutrients. Though, once the flowers start blossoming, the user can stop using fertilizers. With that being said, you will notice that both marigolds and zinnia are similar flowers that people enjoy using in their gardens. The only major difference between them is their colors.

Although, this is exactly why so many people use these plants together. Marigold and zinnia work as companion plants because of how similar they look. Combining them gives your garden an even more vibrant look and makes it attractive. Though, the maintenance for zinnia is slightly more which is why just using marigold might be the better option for some users.

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