Are Worms In Soil Good Or Bad?



There are many techniques that gardeners use to improve the soil for their plants. As long as plants are in the potting soil, there is not much need for doing anything else. However, when you move them outdoors to your farm or garden, you will have to ensure that the requirements of plants are adequately met.

Many people have conflicting opinions regarding worms in the soil. Most of the time, people believe that worms should be good, while some argue that adding worms is not worth the effort. Let’s discuss this topic to help you divide whether worms in soil are good or bad.

Discussing Whether or Not Are Worms In Soil Good Or Bad

One of the significant benefits of introducing worms into the soil is that they help in aeration. With the help of small borrows, they can create pores for oxygen pockets. Plant roots can then utilize this oxygen to encourage the growth of the plant.

Along with the aeration benefit, people also like to add worms to process organic matter. The processed organic matter left by them  makes it easier for the plants to extract nutrients from the soil and make it easier for your garden to grow.

Furthermore, after the death of these creatures, decomposition introduces more nutrients to the soil. These were a few reasons why so many farmers like to introduce them into the soil. However, the results may vary depending upon the type of soil used by farmers. These worms won’t do you much good if you introduce them to dead and lifeless soil. So, it might not be the best idea to add them without examining your soil.

If the percentage of organic matter in your soil is relatively low, the worms will die rather quickly. So, you will have to take care of this problem first before adding worms to your soil. However, if the organic matter is sufficient, there are no issues with adding them. These worms will provide you with all the benefits mentioned above, and you will be able to get good produce from your crops.

Most of the time, people add worms to anaerobic soil to increase the oxygen levels and make it easier for plant roots to grow. So, if you’re in a similar condition, you should also get some worms for your soil while also adding organic matter so that these creatures have something to rely upon for their growth.

To Conclude

Before adding worms to your soil, it is better to check the percentage of organic matter inside it. If the organic matter is not sufficient, then the worms will end up dying eventually. However, you can avoid that outcome by adding organic matter to the soil yourself. These worms will provide countless benefits to your plants if your soil has the necessary elements to encourage their growth.

So, it is best to add them to the soil if enough organic matter is available for them to live their lives.  You should also seek guidance from your local experts regarding this matter to save your time and money.

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