3 Possible Reasons Why Is Succulent Droopy

Why Is My Succulent Droopy
Why Is My Succulent Droopy

When gardening, there is a wide variety of plants that people can select from. Each of them has unique characteristics that make them amazing to keep in your garden. Talking about this, succulent plants or also sometimes known as succulents are plants that have a fleshy, thickened, and engorged part that can store water. This helps the plant in staying healthy even when it receives no water or the weather conditions around it start changing. This makes the variety quite durable and long-lasting.

Although, another reason why these are so popular is because of how easy they are to maintain. With that being said, some users report running into problems with their succulents. A common question that has been asked recently regarding the variety is “Why is my succulent droopy?”. If you have a similar question in mind, then going through this article should help you in finding some reasons behind the problem. Moreover, we will also provide you with steps that can be used to deal with the issues so that your plant can stay healthy.

Why Is My Succulent Droopy?

  1. Succulents Might Be Dehydrating

When growing succulents, most people think that the plant does not require any amount of water because them being resistant to drought. However, it is important to understand that the plant can only store water inside its flesh if you have been keeping the soil around it watered. In most cases, the leaves on your variety drooping indicate that the plant has been trying to survive without water for a long time now.

If you don’t water, then the leaves will eventually dry out and then the plant will start to die. This can be quite annoying as the only solution after it is to replace the variable with a new one. On the other hand, if you deal with the problem quickly then the plant can be saved, and it should regain its strength within a few weeks at most. The only thing people have to do is water their plant enough that the soil around it gathers some water content.

This will then be slowly absorbed by the succulents that are kept stored inside their body. You can continue to keep the soil around your plant moist if you want it to stay in its best condition. Continuing to do so will help in ensuring that the succulent leaves maintain their bright color and solid shape. If you are worried about overwatering the species, then having a drainage system inside the soil is a great way of preventing this problem.

  1. Type Of Soil Being Used

Aside from how much water is being poured on the succulents, the type of soil that people use also plays a huge role in how the growth of their plants will be. This is because some types can absorb the water content inside them while others can easily allow the water to seep through them. Choosing a type that drains most of the water but still keeps a small amount retained for the plant can be important.

This is because the succulents still require water and moisture to survive and grow new leaves. With that being said, changing the soil can be quite easy if you had been keeping your plants inside pots. However, if you had them planted in your garden then start by moving the plant inside small pots and then change the soil around them. Doing so should allow you to fix the problem you were getting previously.

  1. Nutrients Inside The Soil

Usually, the steps mentioned above are enough to fix droopy succulents. Although, if you are still getting the same issue then another thing that you can check is the number of nutrients inside the soil. This should have enough minerals to keep the plant healthy. Considering this, if people notice that their soil does not contain any nutrients then the best way to fix the issue is by adding fertilizers.

Make sure that you select a brand that is known for supplying reliable products. You can then proceed to pour the fertilizers every month so that the minerals can stay inside the soil. The plant should eventually start to grow new leaves and then maintain its health if the process is kept constant.

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