3 Reasons Why Is Bird Of Paradise Drooping

Why Is My Bird Of Paradise Drooping
Why Is My Bird Of Paradise Drooping

Bird of paradise flowers or also known as the strelitzia is a unique plant with over five species. The flower looks like a bird when viewed from a distance and comes in beautiful colors that make your garden look amazing. These flowers are quite popular in most regions, and they have also been given tons of other names. When growing the plant, people should understand that there are some maintenance steps that they need to keep in mind.

The flowers prefer a warmer climate as well as some other steps that have to be used to ensure they stay healthy. Plenty of people growing these plants ask the question “Why is my bird of paradise drooping?”. If you notice this problem, then there is a high chance that your flowers have started to die out. There are several reasons behind the issue that we will be provided to you in the following article along with ways that can be used to fix them. Going through the information should help you in understanding how the flowers can be kept healthy.

Why Is My Bird Of Paradise Drooping?

  1. Temperatures Around The Bird Of Paradise

When growing these flowers, the first and most important thing that people need to keep a check on is the temperatures around them. The plants can usually last users a long time if taken proper care of however, the climate you are trying to keep them in can affect their growth. Bird of paradise flowers usually prefers a warmer area as it helps them in staying healthy.

If you are someone who lives in a colder area but wants to grow the plant, then two methods can be used. The first one includes keeping the flowers indoors as the temperatures might be higher. This involves keeping your plant inside pots that have to be placed in a spot where the plant can get some sunlight as well as the nutrients required to keep it healthy.

On the other hand, if the temperatures in your area don’t get too cold then you can also find a spot where the flowers can get long hours of sunlight every day. When it comes to this, depending on the temperatures in your region, a suitable location can be selected. The colder the temperatures are the more sunlight will be required by the plant.

You can test this by keeping your flowers in different pots and then placing them in several locations. The flowers that stay the healthiest should indicate what temperature best suits them.

  1. Amount Of Water Being Used On The Flowers

Aside from the temperature, the amount of water being used on the plant also plays a huge role in its growth. When it comes to this, the drooping flowers usually indicate that the plant is underwatered. People can simply fix the problem by watering their flowers more often but understanding how much water to use can be important.

The plant only requires enough water to keep the soil around it moist as it helps its roots in breathing properly. If you add too much liquid to the soil, then this will gather inside it, suffocating the plant instead. If you have a drainage system in your garden then this problem can be prevented entirely as the extra water will seep through the soil, leaving behind moisture that the flowers require.

However, if you don’t have a system like this then only water the soil enough to make it moist. This should help in ensuring that the flowers stay healthy and that your problem is fixed within a few days.

  1. Using Fertilizers To Boost The Growth Of Your Flowers

Finally, people should understand that the soil they are keeping their flowers in should be rich with minerals. If this is not the case, then adding fertilizers should fix the problem. The process is quite easy and has to be repeated after every 2 to 3 weeks so that the results stay constant.

Make sure that you select a brand that is known for making good fertilizers as it affects the performance of the product. If you notice small cracks inside the flowers, then keep in mind that it is completely normal. These are formed to prevent the air passing through the plant from damaging its leaves and flowers.

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