Why Is My Aloe Vera Plant Turning Red? (3 Fixes)

why is my aloe vera plant turning red
why is my aloe vera plant turning red

It is one of the most famous sun-loving plants. There are countless benefits associated with this plant. It is suitable for your skin as well as your health. By removing the outer layer of the leaves, you can use the inner part to make healthy drinks. Similarly, many people like to use it for skincare as well.

It is easy to find this plant in most homes. However, you will often notice people complaining about the Aloe Vera plant turning red. A lot of people have this question “Why is my Aloe Vera Plant Turning Red.” Let’s go over some reasons why your plant might behave like this.

Why Is My Aloe Vera Plant Turning Red?

  1. Excessive Exposure To Sunlight

Even though this is a sun-loving plant, too much direct sunlight can still create problems for your plant. So, if your Aloe Vera plant is turning red, the primary reason must be excessive exposure to sunlight. Keeping the plant outdoors in direct sunlight will make the Alor Vera plant turn red.

So, to avoid this problem, you need to minimize exposure to direct sunlight. The best method to do this is to relocate the plant somewhere with indirect sunlight. You don’t want to eliminate exposure to sunlight. Instead, you need to bring the exposure within reasonable terms. Because too little sunlight can also create problems for this plant.

  1. Watering Issues

If you’re sure that the plant is not exposed to too much sunlight, then watering issues might be another reason our plant can behave similarly. Usually, the gardeners running into this problem are giving too much water to their plants. This excessive water supply can hinder the plant’s growth and create problems in the future.

To check whether or not you’re overwatering the plants, you need to check the one or two inches of potting soil from the top. If they are dry, then the water supply is sufficient. However, if they are wet at all times, you need to limit the water supply, or your Aloe Vera plant will keep turning red.

  1. Temperature Problems

If you are not overwatering the plants, and the exposure to sunlight is also reasonable, you need to check the temperature. Extreme conditions can cause your Aloe Vera Plant to turn red. So, if the climatic conditions in your region are severe, then you should consider moving the plant indoors. To eliminate this problem and recover the plant, you need to move it somewhere neither too hot nor too cold.

Ideally, the problem should fix itself when you move the plant where it has less exposure to sunlight because the most common reason for this problem is direct exposure to sunlight. So, moving the plant to a new location should help your plant recover. You won’t have to do anything else besides making sure that the requirements of your plant are adequately met. If you’re still confused about how to recover your plants, you should reach out to your local experts to guide you better.

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