Why Does My Aloe Smell When I Cut It? (3 Things To Know)

Why Does My Aloe Smell When I Cut It
Why Does My Aloe Smell When I Cut It

Aloe vera is mostly known as a gel that is used to treat sunburn or soften the skin. Though, you should note that this gel is taken from the leaves of the plant also known as aloe vera. The plant has tons of health benefits including treatments for skin disorders as well as tons of other stuff. These evergreen perennial plants are mostly found in tropical regions, but people have started introducing them to other areas as well.

Why Does My Aloe Smell When I Cut It?

When it comes to this, you should note that the plant is an amazing option to grow in your garden but there are also some issues reported with it. A common question that is asked by users is “Why does my aloe vera smell when I cut it?”. If you have the same query in mind, then going through this article should help you in finding some reasons behind it. We will also provide you with steps that can be used to fix the problem so that you can stay at ease when growing the plant.

  1. Watering Your Aloe Vera Properly

When growing aloe vera, there are tons of things that people should keep in mind. These can help them in ensuring that their plants stay healthy and last them a long time without any issues. If you notice that the leaves stink when you cut the plant, then there might be something wrong with your aloe vera. The smell is mostly an indication that your aloe vera is not healthy.

The most important factor to look out for in this case is the amount of liquid being consumed by the plant. This is because aloe vera plants are mostly grown in tropical regions where they have access to rainfall throughout the year. If you don’t pour enough water on your plants, then they will get damaged and become unhealthy.

This results in the plant producing a foul odor when cut. On the other hand, too much water can also cause similar problems with the plant. This is why you have to carefully pour the water and ensure that it is enough to keep the plant healthy but not too much. Usually, keeping the soil around your plant moist is enough to avoid problems with it.

Some people pour too much water which results in their aloe vera catching diseases. If you are running into an issue like this, then follow the steps provided in the next step. However, if you have not gotten a problem like this yet then make sure that you avoid overwatering your plants. Having a drainage system is the best way to ensure your aloe vera stays safe.

  1. Aloe Vera Has Root Rot

Overwatering your aloe vera mostly results in root rot which can cause the plant to give off a weird smell. This can be quite annoying and ruins the gel created by the plant. On top of this, the root rot will continue to spread and kill your plant if not taken care of.

Keeping this in mind, if you notice that your plant has caught this disease then make sure that you change its position. Root rot usually stays inside the soil unless you repot your plant and change the soil around it. This is why make sure that you clear out the older soil that had gotten infected and then throw it away.

People have to then ensure that they only water their aloe vera in small quantities for a week so that the root rot does not spread again. This should be enough to treat your plants and fix the smell coming from them.

  1. Natural Smell Of Aloe Vera

Finally, if you are still getting a weird smell from your aloe vera then this might be the natural smell of your plant. Some people can also find this smell unappealing, and it is quite common. You can easily confirm this by checking if the smell comes from your plant all the time. If it does then this is the natural odor of your plant. To avoid this smell from spreading across your garden, people can plant companion herbs with sweet scents. These can easily overpower the smell created by your aloe vera.

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