Why Did My Lavender Die? 3 Possible Reasons

why did my lavender die
why did my lavender die

Lavender is a beautiful purple-colored plant with an enchanting scent. The scent is used in room sprays, body sprays, mists, essential oils, and whatnot! The scent of lavender is also used to calm your mood and relax certain muscles in your body. It also has health benefits. It is also being used in antibiotics to treat bacteria and can also overcome fungal effects. Due to these reasons, people love to grow lavender. The beautiful plant and its scent keep them in a good mood all day long. But many people often ask “why did my lavender die?” lavender needs proper care and attention like many other plants. Today, we are here to provide you with all the possible reasons to help you figure out why your lavender died and the solutions. Let’s begin.

Why Did My Lavender Die?

1. Improper Water

Lavender plants thrive in dry conditions. they do not like too much water but prefer Mediterranean vibes. This means that the lavender plants are drought tolerant. Therefore, these plants do not require a lot of water. If you provide your lavender plant with lots of water then the plant will not be able to absorb all the water. As a result, the water will keep surrounding the roots of the plants increasing the moisture of the soil and risking the mold and fungus to form. The mold and fungus will absorb all the essential nutrients from the soil leaving nothing behind for the plant. It will also increase the risk of various plant diseases. due to this, the plant will start drooping and die with time. Therefore, it is recommended to water your plant not more than twice a week.

2. Not Enough Sunlight

Sunlight is also essential for the life of the lavender plant. The sunlight plays a key role in the growth of the plant as all the growth reactions occur only in the presence of sunlight. It also causes evaporation of water that decreases the risks of plant diseases. however, if the plant is not being provided with enough sunlight it will eventually die as it will not be able to produce food for itself. If your lavender plant is growing slowly or if it has fewer flowers on it, then it is recommended to move the plant to a location where it can be exposed to sunlight efficiently.

3. Wrong Lavender For Your Climate

There are various types of lavenders and each type thrives in certain climate conditions. some lavender plants grow in cold climates while others prefer warm climates. This means that if you try to grow a lavender plant that does not prefer your climate condition, it will start drooping and die soon. Therefore, it is recommended to do a search about the plant before buying it. This will ensure if the plant can live in your area or not. In this way, you will prevent your little companion from dying.

The Bottom Line

To conclude, like any normal living thing, lavender plants also require attention, love, and care for their proper growth. if they are not provided with the basic necessities of life as required, they will eventually die. Therefore, it is suggested to take proper care of your plants and give them your love and care so that they can thrive and grow well.

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