4 Common Reasons Why Are Sunflowers Drooping

why are my sunflowers drooping
why are my sunflowers drooping

Sunflowers are pretty-looking flowers that have lots of benefits to them as well. They make the seeds that are used for a number of commercial as well as domestic applications. Sunflower oil is definitely great for cooking and that is why sunflowers are being grown in a large number in farms and even the gardens.

The sunflowers are the best thing that you can get for any garden and they do pretty well in the summer as well. However, they are quite sensitive and you might have a hard time taking care of them if you don’t have any prior experience dealing with such sensitive plants. Many farmers ask why are my sunflowers drooping.

This can happen at any given point and that is definitely not something that you might want to have. These leaves drooping can be due to a wide number of reasons and are pretty easy to fix as well. A few things that you will need to try out in order to make sure that you don’t have to deal with the problem would be:

Reasons and Solutions for Why Are Sunflowers Drooping

1. Hydration

The most common reason for the leaves to go all droopy is that they might be dehydrated. These sunflowers need a lot of water to grow properly and if they are not getting the right amounts of water, they have high chances of getting all droopy and they will look weak and sick as well. So, you will need to start checking on the water intake and ensure that your plants are getting the right hydration. You will need to be careful about the water and soil for certain and not only that but you will need to make sure that the soil is never left dry.

So, make sure that you are watering them more often and that is definitely the best thing that you can do to make the sunflowers look healthier and the leaves will be fixed as well.

2. Drainage

While dehydration is the most common cause that might be causing your sunflowers to go all droopy and you will not get them straight, excess of moisture is not good for them either and that can cause a great problem as well. So, you will also have to ensure that there is not much moisture on the soil and the soil is able to drain all that water as well.

That would be just the perfect thing to fix the problem with sunflowers having droopy leaves. You will need to get the drainage on the soil and ensure that appropriate measures are taken for that. This way, you are going to fix all the problems that you might be having with the drainage and you are going to have the perfect experience with fixing all the issues that are causing your leaves to go droopy.

3. Shade

Shade is another big problem that the sunflowers might have to face. There is a certain possibility that the sunflowers might be having droopy leaves because they are not getting ample sunlight. Sunlight for optimal health on all these sunflowers is necessary. So, you will need to make sure that you are getting them the perfect sunlight that they are going to need.

Ample sunlight is required for the sunflowers and you will have to ensure that there is no shade above the sunflower plants at all. Anywhere between 6-8 hours a day of sunlight is required for the sunflowers to have perfect growth so you will need to make certain arrangements to get it done and that is going to help you out perfectly with fixing all such problems that you are having with the flowers such as the leaves getting droopy.

4. Nutrients

If you’re still wondering “why are my sunflowers drooping?”, there is one last thing to take into account. While it doesn’t take many nutrients for the sunflowers to grow, you do need some nutrients in the soil. You will need to test the soil for all such nutrients in them. If the soil does not have the appropriate amount of nutrients for optimal growth on these sunflowers, you will need to add the fertilizers or some compost to the soil that will ensure healthier growth for these plants and you will be able to have the perfect experience from them as well.

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