Who Makes John Deere Oil? (Answered)

who makes john deere oil
who makes john deere oil

John Deere is one of the most reputable companies when it comes to the manufacturing of tractors. Their products are the first choice for most customers related to the field of agriculture. It is because their products are highly durable and long-lasting.

Moreover, their customer support is the primary reason people purchase their products. John Deere manufacturers also provide their customers with John Deere oil. So the question that arises is who makes John Deere oil? If you also have this question in mind, then do not worry. We have prepared some research notes for you.

Who Makes John Deere Oil

It is necessary to know about the manufacturer before purchasing their products because there can be a huge possibility of low-quality products. Therefore, we did in-depth research on the manufacturers of John Deere oil.

Most of the time John Deere manufacturers do outsourcing for oil manufacturing. They choose the company that bids the minimum. Therefore, there is no single oil manufacturer in the case of John Deere. However, the most common manufacturer of John Deere vehicle oil is the Northland Oil. The Northland manufacturers are famous for their high-quality oils. Most users prefer their oil because it increases the life expectancy of the engine parts. Moreover, it has a unique synthetic formula. Mostly they manufacture oils that do not require too much specialty.

Another most common John Deere oil is Plus-50. It is one of the most in-demand oils of the John Deere Company. Chevron is the manufacturer of this product. It is one of the most respectable oil manufacturing brands out there in the market. Most of the time Chevron is the one behind the formulation of engine oils that require expertise. Moreover, Chevron also takes part in the packaging of these engine oils.

Other than Northland and Chevron, Shell and Exxon also take part in the manufacturing of John Deere oils. They are not the regular manufacturers because one of them is selected based on their bids. So most of the time they compete for getting the tender, which causes their products to be of higher quality to get an edge.

Location of Oil Manufacturing Plant

The location of a manufacturing unit plays a major role in deciding the price of the final product. It is because distance has a direct impact on the cost of the final product. Most companies avoid long distances between their setups to avoid unnecessary costs. It has been seen in the past that the companies who neglected the transportation cost ended up as bank defaulters. It is because the transportation cost does not seem to be too much if you do not focus on the minute details. In the case of John Deere, different oil manufacturers manufacture John Deere oil at different locations.

The Northland manufacturers mostly manufacture oil for the European customer base. Their manufacturing unit is based in Canada. On the other hand, the Chevron manufacturing unit is based in Pascagoula.

In the case of Exxon and Shell, the manufacturing unit is spread throughout the world. They range from North America to Asia and from Asia to Australia, which makes them quite affordable because of their low transportation cost. Still, Northland and Chevron are the ones that manufacture the John Deere oil mostly because of their high quality.

Quality of John Deere Oil 

Quality is the primary factor that determines the loyalty of a customer to a company’s products. If a company is not providing its customers with good quality products then it is quite likely that it will end up soon. Moreover, in the case of oil if the quality is low then it is quite likely that your engine will cease eventually. The failure of the engine will turn out to be more expensive as compared to a good quality expensive oil. Therefore, the customers do not compromise on the quality in the case of the engine.

John Deere oils come in many quality ranges. You just have to choose the one that best suits your tractor’s engine.


We can conclude that John Deere provides its customers with high-quality engine oils by selecting the best vendors out there in the market. Therefore, you should consider their products before purchasing other alternatives.        

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