When To Pick Ground Cherries? (Answered)

when to pick ground cherries
when to pick ground cherries

While there’s no denying that cherry is one of people’s most favorite fruit to eat, ground cherries are not that popular. However, thanks to their ability to minimize the chances of catching any disease, these are really easy to grow.

When To Pick Ground Cherries?

As mentioned above, ground cherries are actually pretty easy to grow. Still, most people don’t really have an idea of when they are supposed to start picking out their ground cherries. As a result, most of them pick their ground cherries a bit too late or too early.

If you have also been wondering the same thing yourself, and want to learn more about when to pick ground cherries, then you have come to the right place! In this article, we will be taking a look at all the aspects that you need to know about picking ground cherries.

How Long Does Ground Cherries Usually Take?

While there’s no guarantee that each ground cherry will take exactly the same time from seed to harvest, the timing can still match. Most usually, ground cherries take anywhere around 60-75 days to reach full maturity.

But then again, these things may also depend on the way how you treat your plants and the seeds themselves. To get them fully ripe, you will have to wait another 40-50 days before you can even think about eating them.

How Are You Supposed To Know When Ground Cherries Are Ripe?

A question that we see many users ask around is that how are they supposed to know when these ground cherries ripe. Luckily, ground cherries completely transform their color to yellow or pale orange when they are ripe.

Another common queue that should tell when a ground cherry is ripe is by looking at its paper husk. For ripe ground cherries the papery husk around the cherry should be dry.

Do keep in mind that you should not eat unripe ground cherries as they are tart. However, ripe ground cherries are sweet in taste and have a fruity feel to them.

Once the ground cherries are fully ripened, all the stems that are attached to the cherries should start dying, making the fruit fall off the plant. Still, we suggest that you do take a look at their color before you decide to start eating them.

Interestingly enough, ground cherries continue to ripen off even after picking as they will still feature that same sweetness and fruity but not as much.

The Bottom Line:

When to pick ground cherries? There are multiple ways on how you can tell when your fruit’s finally ripened. We have mentioned each and every one of them in detail. Just make sure that you start picking ground cherries only after the fruit has completely ripened

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