What Do Marigolds Attract? (Answered)

what do marigolds attract
what do marigolds attract

Marigolds are flowering plants from the family of sunflowers which means that tons of characteristics between them are shared. This includes most of the maintenance steps required to keep the plant healthy. Though, you should note that there are also tons of differences between the two plants. When it comes to this, the color options and uses of the plant can vary. Marigolds look beautiful which is why people use them to make their gardens look appealing.

Additionally, these come in various types that you can select from. Each variant has unique features that people should keep in mind. One common question that marigold users ask is “What do marigolds attract?”. As a result, we will be using this article to provide you with information regarding the query. Going through it should help you in understanding the question as well as getting some useful tips.

What Do Marigolds Attract?

Marigolds are mostly known for their attractive petals and their unique odor. The scent of the flowers can repel pests as well as attract insects and animals. Though, when it comes to this, tons of people wonder what marigolds attract. When talking about this, you should note that there are several varieties of plants that you can choose from.

All of these have slightly different scents which is why the answer might not be the same for every flower. Though, you can note that most of these have similar characteristics. Marigolds that can be used in culinary have a slightly weaker scent which is why they don’t repel or attract animals like other variants. Though, when strictly talking about what a standard marigold can attract then you should note that butterflies and bees can be found near the plant.

This is because of all the nectar made by these flowers. You can even notice hoverflies and hummingbirds near the plants as these also use nectar as their main food source. This not only makes your garden look beautiful, but the animals also help in spreading the pollen. The process allows the flower to spread and pollinate. T

he reproduction method allows marigolds to start growing new plants the next year on their own. This can be amazing as these will automatically grow in your gardens every year. Talking about this, you can also note that these flowers are often grown as annuals instead of perennials. This is because the weather conditions that you plant your flower in also play a huge role in its growth.

If the weather is warm, then the plant can last you several years without any issues. On the other hand, if the weather gets too cold, then the plant can die, and you have to sow new seeds the next year. Marigolds also attract some insects that can be dangerous for the plant. But this acts as a trap as you can easily kill the pests and insects when they attack your flowers.

Having marigolds as a centerpiece can be amazing as insects will attack only these instead of the entire garden. People can then deal with the pest issue accordingly and keep all the flowers in their garden healthy. With that being said, you can easily understand what marigolds attract by going through the information provided above.

Keeping Marigolds Healthy?

Now that you understand that marigolds also attract some insects that can be harmful to them. People might wonder how exactly they can keep the flowers healthy. When it comes to this, you should always keep the flowers under sunlight as this helps in their growth. Other than this, using fertilizers mixed with insecticides will help in killing all the dangerous insects that get attracted. You can spray these occasionally to ensure that there are infestations on your plant.

Leaving marigolds like this can be dangerous as once the insects spread on the entire plant, they will spread to other flowers. This can destroy your entire garden within a month which can be quite annoying. Considering this, if you take care of the infestation beforehand then all the problems can be avoided. This is why make sure that you keep a check over your garden as it helps in keeping it in the best possible condition.

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