3 Common Vinca Bowles Variety

vinca bowles variety
vinca bowles variety

Most people who enjoy gardening understand how difficult the hobby can be. While the flowers make your garden look beautiful, you should note that there are also tons of issues that you can run into. Depending on what flower you want, the steps required to maintain it can vary. This is why it is recommended that most beginners start by planting flowers that are easier to handle. Talking about this, vinca is one of the most popular choices that you can go for.

This plant can survive in both sunlight and shade which makes it amazing. Additionally, the flower requires next to no water which means that it can stay healthy even if you forget to water it. Although, when it comes to purchasing the plant, there are different types of it that you can select from. This is why we will be using this article to provide you with some vinca flowers including the famous ‘Bowles’s Variety’.

Vinca Bowles Variety

  1. Vinca Bowles Variety

Vinca Bowles Variety is one of the most famous types of flowers that people all around the world decide to plant in their gardens. This can be amazing, and you should note that the plant has also received awards. The perennial plant falls under the Lesser Periwinkle family of vinca flowers. This has dark green leaves on it that grow beautiful violet-blue flowers.

These are larger when compared to other vinca types and the bell shape is a little harder to notice. Considering this, you should note that the size of these flowers makes them great for gardens. The vinca Bowles Variety is known for spreading all around gardens which makes them a mat-forming plant. The low height of these flowers also makes them a great option to be used as ground covers.

Alternatively, you can put these on slopes or underplant shrubs using them. The ability to stay healthy even when planted under shade also gives people more options to plant the flowers in. However, you should note that your vinca will bloom less if put under shade. On the other hand, direct sunlight can damage the flower which is why the best option for them is partial shade.

  1. Vinca Flore Pleno

Another famous variety of vinca that you can plant in your gardens is the Flore Pleno. This has a similar purple shade as the type mentioned above however, this is a little dull in comparison. Other than this, you should note that the flowers on this vinca are slightly smaller. Instead of having large bell-shaped flowers, the Flore Pleno comes with double flowers that give them a unique look.

The main use for this plant is also ground cover but you can put it in any place you want. This type grows better under sunlight, but it can still survive in shaded areas. Keep in mind that the sunlight helps the flowers is blossoming quickly and spread at a fast pace. Other than this, the plant should be able to survive most soil types except very dry conditions.

Considering this, you will have to keep the soil moist using water. When it comes to this, too much water can also damage the flowers which is why keeping a balance is essential. You can leave a safe passage for all the water to escape so that the soil remains moist, and no liquid gathers around the plant.

  1. Vinca Variegata

Vinca Variegata is another type of vinca plant that people can grow in their gardens. This is quite different when compared to the other two types as this plant falls under the greater periwinkle category. The plant also has large violet flowers. Although, you should note that the main noticeable feature of this type of vinca is its large leaves.

These are quite big when compared to other types of vinca plants. Aside from this, most of the properties of these flowers are the same as other vincas. These can grow under shade as well as sunlight. Moreover, the plant being drought-resistant means that it can survive without water. This is amazing as the flower will stay healthy even if you forget to water it. Finally, you should note that there are other types of vinca as well that you can get. The ones mentioned above are just some of the most famous varieties.

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