How To Deal With Underwatered Money Tree? (Explained)

Underwatered Money Tree
Underwatered Money Tree

The money tree or also known as pachira Aquatica is a tropical wetland tree that is from the family of Malvaceae. These are native to the South and Central parts of America where they are found spread across swaps. Though, you should note that the beautiful plants have also been spreading to other regions because of the unique shape of their leaves. The plants are also said to bring good luck and positive energy to their owner which is why these are also sometimes given as presents.

Overall, the plant is quite easy to keep maintained which is why there are tons of people growing them in their gardens. Though, you should note that there are also some issues that you can run into with money plants. When it comes to this, a common problem that has been reported is that the money tree is underwatered. If you are getting the same issue with your plants, then going through this article should help you out. This is because we will be providing you with all the information required regarding this query.

Fixing Underwatered Money Tree

Before getting into the details of underwatered money trees, people should first note why this problem is so common. The trees are found to spread across swamps where the plant is covered in water. This means that these grow best when placed in a spot with a lot of liquids. If the amount of water required is not provided to the money tree, then this will get underwatered. When it comes to this, there are several problems that you can run into.

Additionally, different methods can be used to indicate what is causing the issue. This can be quite helpful as you can see what the reason behind your problems might be. Having this information also helps in dealing with the issue accordingly and can be quite helpful later on. Now that you understand this, the first issue that you might notice on your money tree is with its leaves. These should start to curl and develop a wrinkly look which can ruin the shape of the plant.

The problem can be easily noticed, and it continues to spread if left untreated. This can be quite annoying to deal with and it can even cause the plant to die which is why you should deal with it as soon as possible. Keeping this information in mind, if you notice a problem with your money tree then make sure that you start watering it. Increasing the amount of liquid being poured should help in making the leaves go back to their original state.

If this is still not working, then your plant might be in a spot where it is getting too much sunlight. This is quite common, and it can cause several issues with the money tree. Sunlight is required by these plants to grow but too much of it can cause problems instead. Depending on how high the heat in your area the light required might be lower. Simply changing the position of your plants or adding shade above them should help in ensuring that the problem does not appear again.

If you want to confirm if your issue is from too much sunlight, then observe the leaves on your money tree again. These should have a darker shade on them or even black spots which indicates that the leaves have been burning from the heat. Another common indication of underwatered money tree is the discoloration of leaves around it.

This can also be quite annoying as the entire look of your plant is ruined. However, remember that the color is not your only issue as the plant can also die within a few days. You can try poking your finger inside the soil to see how wet it is. If only the first inch of soil was wet, then the plant is lacking water. Ensuring that you make a habit of watering your money tree regularly can help in avoiding problems like this.

With that being said, people should understand that there are some other factors that they need to keep in check as well. Aside from the amount of water being poured, the minerals in your soil can also play a huge role in how the plant will grow. This is why adding fertilizers regularly to the soil can be a great way of preventing problems with your money tree as well.

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