Tall Fescue vs Crabgrass- Which Suits You The Most?

Tall Fescue vs Crabgrass
Tall Fescue vs Crabgrass

Gardeners often think about ways to make their houses look attractive. There are tons of species of plants that can be used for this but there are also some things that should be kept in mind. Most flowers are planted because of how beautiful they look. However, there are also varieties like grass that can be used in your garden to make it stand out. These can be planted along the flowers for the best results. Talking about this, just like flowers, tons of varieties of grass can be used.

Tall fescue and crabgrass are two of the best types of plants that can be grown in your garden. Although, these are also quite similar which is why people might ask questions regarding them. If you are feeling confused between these two types of grass then going through this article should help you out. The main reason behind this is that we will be providing you with a comparison between the different grass so that it can be easier for you to decide which one is better.

Tall Fescue vs Crabgrass

Tall Fescue

Tall fescue or also known as festuca arundinacea is a species of grass known for its perennial nature. The species is native to Europe, and it can be found planted all around the region. Though, you should note that this variety quickly spread to other areas because of its high demand. The grass is also used by cultivators because of how useful it can be in agriculture. Aside from this, another use of the grass is using it as ornamental to make gardens look better. These are also sometimes grown as plants because of the attractive look of the grass.

Keep in mind that the grass can grow quickly and quite tall, but it is recommended that people keep it at about 2 to 3 inches. This is only required if you are growing the plant as grass. Generally, this height allows the plant to stay healthy and last people a long time without any issues. If you are worried about your soil taking damaged from high heat, then increasing the height of your grass is a great option. Other than this, the plant is relatively easy to maintain and can be kept healthy easily.

Making sure that tall fescue is watered on time and pruned properly can allow the plant to last several years. The pruning process is also quite simple as you only have to keep the length of this plant under control. Not allowing it to get too tall should be enough to ensure that there are no issues. As for the amount of liquid being poured, this should be enough to keep the soil moist. Adding too much water usually results in the grass dying which is why it should be avoided.


Crabgrass or also sometimes known as Digitaria is a genus of plants from the grass family. At first glance, people might confuse this with tall fescue, but you should note that there are tons of differences between the two varieties. This plant is native to tropical regions where the temperatures are usually high. This means that people should grow it in an area where the weather is warm most of the time.

Although, another great thing about this variety is that even people planting the grass in colder regions have reported no issues with it. Just ensuring that the grass is trimmed on time and watered properly should be enough to keep it healthy. Aside from this, people should also note that the plant requires constant sunlight every day. Trying to keep it under shade will not work as the grass will start dying quickly.

Some people wonder why this variety is known as crabgrass. This is because the plant tends to stay close to the ground with its stems radiating from the middle resulting in a clump of grass. This looks similar to the shape of crabs which is why this specific name was given to the variety. People can mostly distinguish between the two plants by this fact alone as tall fescue usually grows upright. Now that you understand all this, trying to decide which plant to grow in your garden should be a lot easier.

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