Sunscald On Tomato Leaves: Prevention and Cure

sunscald on tomato leaves
sunscald on tomato leaves

Sunscald is a term that is used on the tree trunks that have frozen due to winters after the high temperatures. It has a permanent damage to the leaves that is visible as well and the fruits are also damaged due to this.

Needless to say, that Sunscald is not specific to the tree trunks and it can also happen on other plants such as tomato leaves. If you are noticing signs of sunscald on your tomato leaves, you will need to take certain measures to fix up the problem for you. A few things that you will need to try out if you are looking to have the problem solved are:

Sunscald On Tomato Leaves: Reasons

First of all, you will need to know and understand the reasons that might cause your tomato leaves to have sunscald. Most of the times, if your tomato plant is under the direct sunlight while in growing stage, it will cause you to have sunscald on not only the leaves but the fruit as well, and that is definitely not the best thing that you would want to have on your tomato leaves at all.

It can also happen to your tomato plants after you remove the foils from them after a disease and they are suddenly exposed to the direct rays of sun. If you don’t take care of it in the timely manner, it can increase from just the discoloration of your fruit and leaves to paper like skin and the whole fruit will be affected after that. In the last stages, if it grows unattended, the condition can worsen and it will lead to black mold on the fruit and leaves that will cause you to have all these problems.

Prevention and Cure

To avoid sunscald on your tomato leaves and fruits, you will have to ensure that you are taking optimal care of them at all times. To start with that, you will need to put them under the shade and hydrate them as much as they need. Especially when the fruit is in growing stages, you should have some shade over them that will stop the direct rays of sunlight to fall on them and cause you to have these problems.

Keeping the right shade on these plants is critically important, especially if you are de-foiling them after some disease as they are not used to those direct rays of sun and you will have to ensure that you are not exposing your plants too much to the sunrays right after removing the foil from them.

Moreover, if there has been sunscald on your tomato leaves for quite some time now, you will need to water them more and put them under the shade so that they can grow and in the early stages that will be helping you out to cure sunscald on your tomato leaves. Although, you might need to consider the organic fungicide if that doesn’t help as a preventive measure to slow any bacterial or fungal growth if present on these plants.

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