3 Fixes For Strawberry Vanilla Hydrangea Not Turning Pink

Strawberry Vanilla Hydrangea Not Turning Pink
Strawberry Vanilla Hydrangea Not Turning Pink

Strawberry vanilla hydrangea or also simply referred to as “Vanilla Strawberry” are one of the species of hortensia flowering plants. The variant has been gaining popularity ever since it came out which was back in 2009. This is because of the beautiful flowers that bloom every time the plant is in its season. Another reason why these are loved so much is because of how long the bloom time is. This can usually start when springs are near, and the plants stay dormant during mid-summers.

However, during fall, the plant starts growing out beautiful flowers again that is pinkish in color instead of their usual green-white shade. While this can be amazing, the problem people often report is that their strawberry vanilla hydrangea is not turning pink. If you are getting the same issue, then this can be quite annoying to deal with. Hence, we will be using this article to provide you with a list of reasons why this can happen along with ways that can be used to fix it.

Why Is Strawberry Vanilla Hydrangea Not Turning Pink?

  1. Hydrangea Flowers Color Is Still Green White

If the problem, you are getting is that your hydrangea is still of the same color as they were the prior season then the weather might be to blame. Before getting to the solution people should first understand what might be causing this issue. The color changes of the hydrangea are usually due to the changes in nutrients the plant is receiving. During spring, the flowers get constant light and warm air that helps them in maintaining their green-white color.

However, as the weather changes to fall, the flowers start receiving less warm air which allows the plant to change its main source of nutrients. By making this change, the chlorophyll produced by the hydrangea also changes which results in the color switching from green to pink. Keeping this information in mind, if you notice that the hydrangea in your garden is not turning pink then the warm air around them might be to blame. The weather simply getting cooler will allow the plant to change its color.

  1. Conditions Of Soil Affecting Color

Now that you understand how the color of hydrangea petals can change depending on the nutrients these are consuming. Another reason for the problem users should note is the condition of the soil these are planted in. The soil around your plant being alkaline or acidic also plays a huge role in how it will grow out. Acidic soil is usually preferred when people want their flower petals to have a blueish shade on them. On the other hand, if you are looking for a red or pinkish color then alkaline soil will be preferred by the hydrangea flowers.

People can easily check the state of their soil by using a pH scale. These are widely available in most flowering markets, and they are also quite cheap. Once you have confirmed that your problem was in fact from the soil being acidic then fertilizers can be bought to fix the issue. These can be added after every 3 weeks to ensure that the soil remains alkaline until the bloom time lasts. The process is quite easy and the only thing people need to check beforehand is the quality of fertilizers being used.

  1. Planting Your Strawberry Vanilla Hydrangea Indoors

If you are still getting the same issue with your flowers, then there is a high chance that your problem is from the weather in your region. Sometimes people live in a warmer climate where the temperatures don’t drop enough even during fall. If the conditions are not met, then the petals on your hydrangea will remain the same color as they were before.

Keeping this in mind, one thing that can be done is to move your flowers to a shaded area. Find a spot that remains cold during the night and that might finally allow the petals to change their color. However, if even this does not work then the only thing that can be tried is moving your hydrangea indoors. This should be enough for most people but if you still fail to get a pinkish shade then there are no other options that can be used.

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