Spent Brewers Grain For Pigs: Is it Safe?

spent brewers grain for pigs
spent brewers grain for pigs

Brewing from grain is not a common practice and has been in the industry for centuries. Yet, the grains after they are used for brewing are not good to be eaten by humans and they cannot be used for any part of the food. That is why they are called spent grains or brewers’ grain and that is not much use left of them. However, they can be used for a number of other applications that would help you get the best use of them and make the most of them.

Spent Brewers Grain

After the grains are soaked in water for the germination process and then dried to produce the malt, they have most of the nutrients and solid particles mixed with the water that is later used to brew malt whiskey or beer. The leftover is known as spent grain that is not much heavy and mostly in the corroded powdered form.

Spent Brewers Grain For Pigs

Spent brewers grain could be the best thing to add to the feed that you are preparing for your pigs. It is pretty simple and you just need to make sure that it is still wet while you are adding it to the feed for your pigs. Spent grain can also be used to feed a number of cattle such as sheep, cows, or goats that you might have at the farm.

Is it Safe?

Yes, it is totally safe for you to feed such spent grain to the pigs as there are a number of nutrients in the spent grain that will help your pigs to grow healthier and at a better level. It is safe to feed them such grain as well because there are not any intoxicants or any other harmful elements present in the spent grain either that might cause any troubles for the pigs. You can easily mix them with molasses or some other grass and fresh leaves and that would make it the perfect diet for your pigs to enjoy all day long.

Nutritional Value

Grains are rich in fiber and proteins and that is the best thing that you can get to make sure that your pigs are getting the good health and nutrition that they are going to need in order to grow, breed, and be fat enough to be slaughtered for that pork. Not only it will be great to make them grow, but it will also develop immunity and better health for the pigs so they are not falling sick due to some diseases or anything like that.

The nutritional value of Spent grain is simply amplified by mixing it with other fresh grass, fruit and vegetable scraps, and some molasses and other feed and that would be the perfect thing for you to have for your pigs. That is going to help them easily feed on the food that you are giving them, makes it easy to digest as well and the pigs will be growing at a rapid rate with all those nutrients.

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