3 Steps To Troubleshoot Steer Stuck In Mud

skid steer stuck in mud
skid steer stuck in mud

Getting stuck in the mud is probably one of the most annoying things that can happen when you’re trying to get through a project. It can be pretty difficult to get around this problem as skid steers are heavy, and you need a lot of power to remove the skid steer from the mud.

Many users have recently asked us about the methods that can be used to remove the skid steer from the mud. If you’re also stuck in a similar situation, then the methods mentioned here should help you overcome this problem.

How To Troubleshoot Skid Steer Stuck In Mud?

1. Leverage the Hydraulic System

Using the hydraulic system of the skid steer is one of the most effective methods that can be used to remove your skid steer from mud. To implement this method, all you need is a heavy-duty chain and some trees. The trees should be strong and fully developed to withstand the whole weight of the skid steer. With that said, you can just grab a chain and tie it to the front of the frame. Now, take the other end, go around a sturdy tree, and tie it with the hydraulic bucket on your skid steer.

At this stage, you just have to lift the bucket carefully, and that should help you get unstuck from the mud. Raising the bucket will put tension on the chain and pull up the frame of the skid steer. You have to go through this process very slowly and keep the wheels moving in reverse. This should help you get unstuck from the mud.

2. Use Another Loader

If you have multiple machines on your farm, then using other skid steers or loaders to get unstuck might be your best option. Even if there is no tree, just tie the frame of the stuck skid steer with the other machine and have your friend pull you out as you maneuver through the mud. It can be far more efficient, and you will be done way faster while using another machine to get your skid steer unstuck.

If you don’t have any other machines, then asking your neighbors or other farmers for help is a good alternative. They can bring in their loader to help you out of the mud. So, just reach out to your local farmers and seek their help regarding this issue.

3. Dig Down & Use Planks

If none of the two options mentioned above are available to you, then you should just try to dig down into the dirt and put in wooden planks. These planks would help you reinforce the foundation, and you can use the power of your skid steer to get out of the mud. Just make sure to provide as much support as you can and use sturdy planks.

The weight of a skid steer can be thousands of pounds, and you will need a lot of reinforcement in the mud. You can use a shovel or any other tool to create space and wedge in some wooden planks. After that, try driving the skid steer out of the mud.

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